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Cybersecurity challenges are different for different businesses in every industry. In the current digital ecosystem, where information is just a click away and is accessible from any nook or corner of the world, data privacy and protection stand at great risk.

Year after year, the expenditure on cybersecurity continues to grow. It was USD 71.1 billion in 2014 (7.9% over 2013), and USD 75 billion in 2015 (4.7% from 2014). It is expected to reach USD 101 billion by 2020. Organizations are fast beginning to understand that malware today is openly available, making anyone become a potential cyber attacker. Additionally, companies offer security solutions that do little to defend against these attacks. Hence, a holistic approach to cybersecurity encompassing detection, prevention, and protection is of utmost importance.

We, at Innominds, help our clients strengthen their Cybersecurity round the clock via our state-of-the-art Security Operations Center (SOC). We help organizations in setting up their own next-gen SOCs which effectively helps in identifying potential cybersecurity instances, to take preventive action at the right time. Innominds’ SOCs help counter cyber threats with a cohesive and integrated approach—one that leverages powerful technologies such as Analytics, Machine Learning, and Automation.

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By 2022, cyber security ratings will become as important as credit ratings when assessing the risk of business relationships

- Gartner




The rising ransomware attacks, kill chains, alert fatigue, budget-related constraints, and zero-day attacks, are some of the main challenges faced by today’s Cybersecurity professionals.

The Cybersecurity experts need a strong system in place wherein, continuous monitoring and real-time threat analysis systems are performed effectively. Also, they need to have a clear understanding of these vital security threat concepts to confront these challenges in a more efficient and dominant way.

Cybersecurity is crucially important for organizations where every day, a gigantic amount of information is transmitted, collected, processed and stored on computers and other devices. The major portion of the data could be sensitive. Be it intellectual property, personal information or financial data or any type of data for which data theft, damage or unauthorized access can lead to drastic, negative, irreparable consequences causing a huge loss to businesses.

Cybersecurity risk is ever-evolving by nature. Driven largely by increased global connectivity and data usage, and with the storage of personal information in the cloud, the threats literally can come from anywhere and at any level of an organization.


Importance of Cyber Security in Business

Cybersecurity like never before is now important for today’s businesses. Most of the organizations may not admit it, but security breaches are recurrent to businesses, often a few times a month or so. Cybercriminals constantly are on a lookout to hack businesses, and often many succeed.

Having a good security system protecting IT for businesses is the best counteractive, offensive-defense system a company can have against these persistent cybersecurity threats. The importance of cybersecurity for a business is not just about protecting their assets – their crown jewels from outside attacks but it also involves protecting the information of their employees, customers, and partners.

Our Expertise

With an ever-evolving threat landscape, it becomes imperative to gauge the current state and adopt an evolving cybersecurity framework for your organization. Innominds comes with an in-depth knowledge of regulatory landscape, vertical-specific requirements and threat vectors to help define the right cybersecurity ecosystem that is at the foundation of Innominds’ cybersecurity framework.

Our engineering and integration services assist in securing enterprise applications and solutions, application security (SAST and DAST), vulnerability and threat management.


Cybersecurity Solutions

Our state of the art cybersecurity offerings provide analytics solutions from data collection, pipeline processing, storage, search & retrieval and ML for threats. Innominds provides a full proof approach to protecting cloud system apps, data applications, and cloud security to accomplish business goals.

Our cybersecurity solution offerings:

  • We provide round the clock security monitoring and IR services using a cloud-native tool
  • Cloud data protection and an active defense mechanism
  • Detecting security threats through quick analysis of the network attack surface
  • Real-time rectification of misconfigurations

Importance of an Effective Security Operations Center (SOC)

A Security Operations Center (SOC) is an organizational structure that not just continuously monitors and analyses the security procedures and incidents for an organization but it fiercely secures and protects organizations against potential security breaches and threats, by effectively counteracting, nullifying and mitigating those security risks.

The aim of the Security Operations Center is to identify, analyse and react to cybersecurity threats using a reliable set of processes and technology solutions. The SOC team, by and large, comprises of managers, security analysts, and engineers who work in close collaboration with the organizational incident response teams to sort out and mitigate security issues.

SOC tracks and analyses activity on servers, endpoints, networks, applications, databases, websites, and other technology devices and systems. The teams working in SOC will provide a critical level of information and analysis to sort out any irregular or odd activity that may be construed as a potential security incident in most cases. Whilst, firewalls and IPS systems can contain and prevent basic attacks, human cognitive expertise and knowledge always prove invaluable especially, in responding to critical serious incidents.

The Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is an effective, solid modern-day solution that involves collecting, aggregating and analysing all activity across your complete network/IT infrastructure. It does so by collecting information across devices, networks, computers, servers, domains, etc. The compiled and analysed information is then segregated into fine pertinent information and is put in front of security experts so as to help them identify and mitigate incidents at a rapid pace.

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Our SOC Setup Approach

1. Guidance And Planning

Defination and means of communicating the business and technical objectives and requirements that will govern the design and use of SIEM

2. Infrastructure

Design and implementation of servers, software, log collectors, and appliances comprising the SIEM system architecture

3. Implementation of Content

Design, integration and Implementation of all components needed to generate required alerts and visibility (feeds, rules, filters, dashboards, reports, alerts)

4. Operations And Support

Definition and management of the processes needed to ensure ongoing management and tuning of SIEM for continuous improvement

5. Incident Response

Definition and implementation of processes and workflows to ensure streamlined incident identification, analysis and remediation

6. Metrics And Reporting

Establishment of measurement, reporting and communication capabilities needed to demonstrate the changing state of security over time

7. Enhance

Continuously improve and enhance the solution capabilities based on new requirements and gain operational efficiencies for involved people, processes and tools

Innominds' cyber resilience approch encompasses the following three entities

  • Technology Evalution
  • Design and Architecture
  • Data Source and Info Fusion
  • Change, Config Management
  • Capacity, Health Management
  • BCP/DR
  • Incident Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • SOC Operations
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Metrics and Reporting
  • Role & Responsibilities
  • Competency and Capabilities
  • Operations/Shift Management
  • Staffing and Progressions
  • Skill Development and Training

Why Innominds SOC and SIEM?

It is a given that organizations will experience a data security breach. It’s how you respond that makes all the difference. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to cybersecurity. So, Innominds robust SOCs give you the skills that are required to counter the threat fast.

Innominds uses its streamlined data to save its clients from the virus of threats. Our intelligence–driven approach brings together Network Security Monitoring, SIEM, Endpoints Monitoring, and offline Big Data Analytics. This, in turn, combines threat intelligence sources coupled with industry-leading analytics capabilities. This data is used to align the required cybersecurity actions of the client with specific requirements of each market in which they operate.


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