AI Platform to reduce compliance cost, improve data security

Client success

Drug Company Saves Over US$100,000 annually on Compliance Costs

Innominds developed a data management solution that would improve the transparency and quality of safety data of a global consulting company’s pharma client.

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Your data imperatives

  • Managing massive volumes of data and changes to data structures and sources
  • Integrating data from IoT sensors (especially in industrial and healthcare IoT) with traditional enterprise data systems
  • High cost of building data lakes

Effective response with our data management services

  • Set-up necessary protocols and compliance measures to combat the challenges of data explosion in the digital age and leverage modern data platforms using distributed processing engines like MPP/NoSQL/Hadoop/Microservices
  • Unify traditional enterprise data systems with new ones like IoT (Industrial data, healthcare data, etc.)
  • Quickly and cost effectively build virtual data lakes (data virtualization) for IoT data and EDW data and get the best of data engineering expertise to build and maintain data pipelines.

We offer

Innominds' flexible, reliable, and agile managed data services include day-to-day management of customer data and new as well as existing data platforms. We use custom accelerators, frameworks and solutions to enhance productivity and support AI-driven incident resolution.

Creating and managing new data platforms

We build and manage new edge platforms using distributed processing engines like MPP / NO SQL / Hadoop / Microservices. We unify traditional enterprise data systems with new ones like IoT (Industrial data, healthcare data etc.), data virtualization and offer Data as a Service models.

Maintenance of existing platforms

We use lift and shift approach for data containerization and auto elasticity for existing data platforms. Our incident management solution is AI-driven. We can optimize your big data configuration and reduce operational burden apart from assisting in the integration of data platform environment with your business.

Rise to your data challenges with iFusionTM

Innominds’ iFusionTM Analytics solves the data challenges that hinder enterprises today. It very quickly simplifies what normally involves a month-long process, reducing it to just minutes!

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Drive Business Value and Sustainability With Digital Twins Technology

Get a 360 degrees perspective on how Digital Twins help businesses in becoming Remote-First through remote commissioning and diagnostics of products that are already in the field, helping in lowering service costs, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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Digital Twin to lower service costs


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