Digital Twins to Enable Remote First Options for Businesses

According to the recent Internet of Things (IoT) implementation survey done by Gartner, 13% of organizations implementing IoT projects already use Digital Twins, while 62% are either in the process of establishing its use or plan to do so.

Digital Twins represents the convergence of the physical and the virtual world where every industrial product will get a dynamic digital representation. In a way, they are the virtual replicas of physical devices that data scientists and IT pros can use to run simulations before actual devices are built and deployed.

Digital Twins help businesses in becoming Remote-First through remote commissioning and diagnostics of products that are already in the field, helping in lowering service costs, and enhancing customer satisfaction. Additionally, they can troubleshoot equipment in remote locations to reduce incident resolution time. Similarly, when new products are to be commissioned for clients, configuration can be performed remotely by service personnel.

With Digital Twins entering the mainstream, exciting new technological developments such as remote or autonomous machine operations, automation and predictive maintenance, can be achieved. Digital Twins can act as a trainer for an AI, tirelessly repeating scenarios and generating data to learn from. It is changing how technologies such as IoT, AI and Deep Learning are optimized.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

This webinar on Digital Twins will touch upon various aspects of the concept. Some of the topics that will be explained in detail in the webinar includes:

  • Digital Twins concepts, its rising prominence & applications across industries
  • How Digital Twins help businesses in becoming Remote-First, saving costs and time
  • Difference between regular simulator and Digital Twins
  • How AI rewrites the possibilities of Digital Twins
  • Deep Learning & Digital Twins
  • Deep Learning-based Digital Twins in semiconductor manufacturing
  • How to drive business value and sustainability with Digital Twins
  • Live Demo and Use Cases on Digital Twins

Bonus Takeaway

Please write to marketing@innominds.com and we will share with you the access to the portal where you can play around and experience the Digital Twins of a lithium ion battery.



Ravi Kumar Meduri

Executive Vice President - Digital and IP Solutions

Ravi is EVP at Innominds and responsible for creating digital solutions and IP. As a passionate Big Data and AI practitioner, he has delivered solutions in several industries.


Sairam Vedam

Chief Marketing Officer

Sai is the CMO at Innominds and brings 20+ years of overall industry experience with a deep understanding of technologies, solutions and IP-led software services offerings.