Enterprise Chatbot Solution

Client success

A global auditing major improves support team’s productivity by 15% and reduces average time to resolution by 20%

Innominds cognitive bot uses machine learning and natural language processing to learn from the old ticket data, respond to real-time IT support queries, and provide immediate solutions.

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Industry imperatives

  • Need to keep pace with changing customer expectations and create better service experience
  • Be flexible and adaptable to technology change and disruptive new business models
  • Build highly efficient omnichannel experiences for customers
  • Guard against increasing risk of frauds (for banks)
  • Automate time consuming parts of the workflow to build higher efficiency
  • Expand to new revenue channels

Our solution outcomes

  • Get complete view of customer behaviour and predict activity (Customer 3600)
  • Speed up TAT on customer queries with AI-driven Intelligent Incident Management
  • Drive better customer experiences for bank customers with operation analytics and ML
  • Adopt ML-based solutions for fraud management and credit risk assessment
  • Deploy chatbots and RPA to automate and transform business processes
  • Implement upsell/cross-sell strategies by displaying relevant products according to customer preferences/tastes using our Recommender Engine

We offer

Combining our deep industry domain experience in pharmaceutical, retail, and manufacturing sectors and our AI and ML and Deep Learning engineering expertise, our ready-to-use solutions help clients create great customer experiences, improve productivity and efficiency.

Our industrialized solutions include:

Portfolio analysis and Value At Risk

Efficient portfolio management and estimation of value at risk and capital adequacy requirements.

Adaptive fraud management

Learns from every activity/behaviour, creates usage and behavioral profile of all activities to detect fraud and add measures for prevention.

Operational analytics

Operational analytics ensures that banks can address business scalability and drive better customer experiences. This solution defines a business process or operation and monitors it in real time for KPIs that cover customer experience, risk and compliance.

Conversational AI

Our 'Question and Answer Bots', 'Contextual Bots' and 'Cognitive Bots’ automate customer query processes and help significantly speed up turn around times.

Rise to your data challenges with iFusionTM

Innominds’ iFusionTM Analytics solves the data challenges that hinder enterprises today. It very quickly simplifies what normally involves a month-long process, reducing it to just minutes!

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