Blockchain use cases in supply chain management

Client success

Blockchain Platform Solution Improves Shipping Schedules and Creates End-to-End Traceability in Product Supply Chain

We developed an efficient Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) generation and management system for a shipping industry client of a global consulting major.

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Your cyber security concerns

  • How to build use cases with blockchain
  • How to protect data from manipulation
  • How to ensure transparency and visibility of every transaction

How we address your concerns

  • Leverage our expertise with real life use cases
  • Implement blockchain for automated governance, automated regulatory compliance, secured digital identity management, information reconciliation, asset traceability
  • Ensure security of data at rest and in transit using advanced encryption mechanisms

We offer

We help you streamline processes, create secure transactions, and gain end-to-end visibility with our solutions based on blockchain platforms such as Hyperledger, Ethereum, and Ripple.

Blockchain service

We help clients implement blockchain technology for data security, secured digital identity management, information reconciliation, asset traceability, and smart metering. We also enable faster product development.

Data security

Our ML and AI capabilities detect and block threats. Innominds experts assist in finding and remediating identified threats across the cloud, network, and endpoint – giving you a seamless efficiency and making sure that the business doesn’t slow down.

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