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How do you facilitate agility in development while allowing organizations to focus on functionality without compromising security?


Today, more than ever, enterprises are being driven to be more open with their data in the form of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to be used by developers, applications and machines within and outside the enterprise without actually compromising the data. APIs are now the core of business growth by allowing enterprises to take advantage of new monetization channels.

Many organizations face challenges in implementing the tools necessary to secure their APIs and meet their enterprise security requirements prior to deployment. Without the proper tools and expertise to secure their own APIs, the majority of organizations are forced to seek technical assistance from outside sources.

API Management

Business Impact

Having worked through numerous implementations varying from a few weeks to projects lasting several months, Innominds has gained substantial knowledge of API management and security, and has facilitated deployment for organizations from multiple industries. With a strong team of globally distributed security professionals at its disposal, Innominds can quickly turn around and provide the necessary architectural and implementation support that their clients need in order to realize their business objectives of making these APIs available outside of the enterprise.

One particular client in an attempt to become the premier online site for medical professionals and their staff is undertaking a major effort to create a cloud-computing environment.

This platform will centralize medically relevant information, personnel, financial operations, and interests in a secure environment accessible to approved users.

This platform serves as an ecosystem where healthcare providers are able to advertise and share their specialty services while allowing consumers to view and use them. This platform also provides a collaborative environment for developer communities to develop new services on top of existing ones. Several software applications tie into this ecosystem by contributing and consuming services to make a more integrated world of health information technology solutions.


Over the last year, Innominds has worked with one of the top 5 largest independent software companies in the world to offer implementation support for their customers. Through extensive training and expertise surrounding their API Management Suite, Innominds has leveraged their internal security practice services to secure their client’s APIs prior to publishing them for data consumption outside the enterprise environment. The use of robust security policies within an API Management Suite reduces the risk of data exposure to unauthorized users or applications.

Prior to this business relationship, clients were required to embed security features and components into their core applications. This resulted in increasing the development effort and burning through allocated resources. Deploying services and APIs that are secured by this product creates an environment that allows organizations to focus on the

development of the core functionality of their applications while offloading the burden of security requirements that can now be centrally managed and leveraged by all the applications.

Further, with the increased necessity for mobile applications and BYOD* solutions in the enterprise, very specific tools and competencies are required to make the applications balanced and secure, yet user friendly. Most organizations do not have the technical capacity or a long enough runway for R&D prior to the release of their product. Allowing these organizations to focus on developing a high quality product and on differentiation within their industry, Innominds provides the resources to ensure their applications are highly secure and usable by incorporating features such as mobile single sign-on.

BYOD*: Bring Your Own Device


Innominds continues to provide end-to-end solutions for our client’s customers by building on top of existing technologies and offering solutions that they ordinarily wouldn’t have access to, or who have the need for a strong technology services provider to deliver them.

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