We see automation as a hallmark of human ability. We embrace it.

We know not only when to automate but also how much to automate.

QA Automation is accurate and cheaper. We believe in Automation wherever it is applicable. Even as they deal with quick business changes, organizations are on a constant quest to evolve by reducing their turnaround Time and Effort in regression cycles. Automation helps accelerate and reduce regression cycle time, hence, enabling enterprises to focus on new features and complex changes.

Faster time to market: Automated tests are on an order of magnitude faster than manual test execution. Tests can also run in parallel, so multiple devices, platforms, or browsers can be tested simultaneously.

Cost Saving: New Code can break things, so periodic regression testing is a must. To guarantee quality, automated tests can run as many times as needed- without having to pay for manual testing repeatedly.

Test complicated Business Logic: A person performing lengthy or repetitive testing can accidentally skip a scenario step or forget to document an error. Automated testing improves quality by running your tests in a consistent manner.

How we do it– The Innominds Advantage

By utilizing our test automation services, you can speed up the test cycle without sacrificing quality - which is critical in today’s world of demanding users, swelling competition, and ever-changing business requirements.

Innominds Test Automation Frameworks are highly scalable across various platforms including Web Applications across Browsers, Mobile, Cloud and Web Service APIs. They are equipped with features and API abstraction to allow integration with various third party tools making them more powerful and scalable. They also help you accelerate testing with a right blend of automation techniques - custom scripts, open-source, cloud tools and our accelerators.


Technology stack knowledge and deep domain expertise

We constantly endeavor to stay on top of leading-edge technologies by continuously following up on industry trends and learning and testing the evolving open source and commercial tools to improve our service offerings.

Innominds also takes pride in the unmatched expertise of a strong unit of automation engineers with an average field experience of 7+ years.

Maximizing benefits for businesses

Major clients of Innominds’ Automation services, over the past one year, enjoyed business benefits of over $ 5 MN. For over a decade, Innominds enabled organizations implement Test Automation to shorten their Release cycle time by increasing their testing speed while maintaining product quality. Level of abstraction is the key for any test automation framework to be successful. The frameworks by Innominds have been designed to balance the abstraction level that makes automation adaptable and scalable across platforms.

How we helped businesses just like yours

Client: A large organization in US dealing with Security Products

Challenges of the customer included end-to-end automation using dynamic data, multiple platforms of a web based application dealing with windows components and connection to heavy DB's and Linux machines. All to be tested in a single go.


The automation experts at Innominds came up with an extensive solution that could handle all components of web including that of Windows, Linux, databases and provided a robust framework on top of existing one catering all needs of end-to-end execution on various virtual machines.

And then the benefits followed. The client managed to reduce regression testing time and effort by 80% per cycle, attained more than 70% of test automation coverage and was empowered with Test Automation execution across multiple platform and browsers.

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