App Modernization Using Microservices

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App Modernization Using Microservices Enables Multi-Channel, Colossal Customer Conversations for a Digital Marketing Firm

Our client, a leading global provider of digital marketing solutions, needed to modernize their 15-year old application to enable digital messaging at mammoth scale.

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When legacy applications weigh you down with…

  • Their complexities and time taken to add new features
  • The inability to support extensions and maintenance of the product
  • The high cost to scale or creates challenges when there are many concurrent users
  • The extremely slow pace of app development

Why distributed applications will work for you

  • Easier to upgrade or update: You can deploy an update to one or more services without disturbing others
  • Scale only for the services that are needed
  • If one service fails, the whole system is not adversely impacted
  • You can build services on different tech stacks
  • Make changes without huge costs
  • Easily enhance applications
  • Easier customisation

We Offer

We help you assess your readiness for microservices adoption, leverage our low-code platform and accelerators to generate the microservices landscape including code generation for APIs and application of microservices patterns; provide you support for eventual consistency implementation and containerization and orchestration

Microservices maturity model

We help you assess where you stand and what it would take to become a matured Microservices-based enterprise.

Microservices scorecard

Contains detailed guidelines for scoring criteria and describes the maturity scores with respect to each of the Microservices architecture parameters and their maturity level on basis of the assessment exercise.

Microservices development

We develop microservices-based applications, implement Eventual Consistency models, provide support for frameworks like Axon, Eventuate Tram; support for containerization and orchestration

Step into the world of low code and step up your innovation pace

Leverage iSymphonyTM —our low-code platform and accelerators with an intuitive drag-and-drop UI—for rapid application development with high-quality, fully-functional, compliable code and support for multiple technology stacks

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