Supply chain Application Moderanization

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App modernization enables a global manufacturer improve user experience and application security

A world-class OEM to commercial, government and defence industries wanted to modernize and fortify its supply chain and inventory management systems

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If you are struggling with…

  • Applications that have become complex over time and are now expensive to maintain
  • The inability to reduce long release cycles to add new features or fixing issues
  • A legacy system that has had too little upgrades
  • The need to scale to meet rapidly changing business goals
  • Legacy applications with unresponsive UI

Modernize your legacy systems

  • Moving your application to newer tech platforms saves operating costs and mitigates risks
  • Speeds time-to-market with faster launch of new features
  • Uncovers value in legacy applications
  • Improves productivity of support staff
  • Better application security
  • Drives scalability
  • Improves customer experience

We Offer

Our platform-led application modernization based on cloud-based microservices architecture and SaaS-enablement helps you breathe new value into your legacy systems, reduce total cost of ownership, and prepares you for the digital next.

SaaS enablement

Replace on-premise applications with SaaS. Our SaaS enablement supports scalability, availability, reliability and resiliency; includes features such as data and application security, and multi-tenancy


We refactor your application to a cloud native/agnostic application that can leverage the managed services of the underlying cloud provider; we build cloud native applications, strictly adhering to the “Twelve Factor Application” principles

Adoption of microservice architecture

Transitioning from a monolithic to a microservices architecture helps you achieve faster time to market. We develop cloud native/agnostic applications from scratch based on microservices architecture and provide support for Containerization (Docker) and Orchestration (Kubernetes).

Enterprise application integration (EAI)

EAI (Patterns) service leverages integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS platforms such as Dell Boomi, Mule, Camel, WSO2 and Biztalk) for integrations supporting different protocols and systems and helps you optimize costs

Accelerate your cloud migration and optimize digital transformation costs

Our proprietary platform with accelerators and reusable components will help you cost-effectively speed up migration to the cloud, develop cloud-native applications, and avoid vendor lock-in.


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