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Serverless Cloud Architecture Optimizes Cloud Sustainability and Cloud Migration

The client, a leading taxation firm needed an enhanced supporting service to strengthen its Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and cloud suitability assessment service platform, which in turn helps in optimizing its cloud migration service platform.

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Serverless Computing Roadblocks

  • Non-availability of pay for value
  • Lack of serverless security
  • Increased invocation latency due to cold starts

Path to Overcome Obstacles

  • Pay for consistent throughput or execution duration rather than by server unit
  • Provide automated analysis that allows DevOps teams to discover and inspect all the new serverless and API services that are published or consumed
  • Monitor the application and focus on the cold starts that have a direct effect on user experience or the smooth running of the application

We offer

Our serverless computing services will free your developers from managing and operating servers, runtimes, scaling and availability challenges, allowing them instead to focus on their core products

Dedicated support

We provide you with a team with capabilities across all three major providers of serverless computing—Azure, Google Cloud and AWS Lambda—who will help you build and run applications and services without worrying about servers

Infrastructure management

We take on various infrastructure management tasks – patching, server provisioning, OS maintenance, and capacity provisioning so that you have the time to focus on getting out new features

Cross DevOps milestones faster and optimize development costs

Our proprietary platform and accelerators—iMigrateTM—will help you speed up on your DevOps journey and cut costs

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Benefits from serverless computing

  1. Faster deployment

    Launch new features in hours or days instead of weeks and months

  2. Saves energy and costs

    Serverless involves less energy and human resources

  3. Achieve scalability

    Serverless means you can handle any load, balance risks and grow

  4. Low latency

    Suited for low latency needs as serverless nodes are available around the world


Driving Innovation with Serverless Computing

Serverless computing is likely to see an explosive growth in coming years, driven by AI-based innovation. This growth is inevitable considering the evolution of cloud computing. Starting with physical servers, which were cumbersome and manual, we moved to a combination of multiple servers into a cluster (server clusters and VMs) where we used virtual machines to run multiple applications in isolation on top of this infrastructure layer.

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