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End-to-end DevOps Adoption for a Blockchain Application

Innominds delivered an end-to-end solution for the design, management and administration of the entire spectrum up until the go-to-market, implemented CI/CD, deployed Dashboards and Analytics Visualization, as well as enabled public and private transactions for the blockchain application.

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DevOps Assessment Imperatives

  • How to define goals and develop a DevOps strategy
  • How to scope your DevOps journey so you can decide what to do next?
  • Are you aligning the DevOps processes to business expectations of speed and frequency of development?
  • Are you able to identify critical problems in different stages and how they impact business?

How the DevOps Maturity Assessment model helps

  • Taps the potential to understand DevOps maturity from both consumer and service provider’s perspective pertaining to the DevOps cycle
  • Develops clear roadmap projects to take the current maturity level of DevOps capabilities and domains to the next stage and realize the implementation of desired use-cases
  • Integrates automated security tests, bug fixes, and build alerts before things move to production and deployment

We offer

Combining our deep industry domain experience in DevOps and agile enablement, we help organizations to align their business, applications, and operations teams through our DevOps maturity assessments and recommendations

Data collection-14

Data collection

Four to six weeks of data collection or inventory gathering phase to assess the current state of DevOps maturity

DevOps implementation-15

DevOps implementation

Enablement and education of implementing complete lifecycle of DevOps in conjunction with 6 Cs of DevOps

Technology assessment-16

Technology assessment

Assessment and recommendations for latest tools, technologies, and processes specific to customers’ environment

Methodology setup-17

Methodology setup

Setup the necessary methodologies to evaluate the ever-evolving technology landscape in DevOps world

Cross DevOps milestones faster and optimize development costs

Our proprietary platform and accelerators—iMigrateTM—will help you speed up on your DevOps journey and cut costs

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Move to the next stage with our DevOps Maturity Assessment model


No DevOps

Manual, ad-hoc and unplanned work, Outages, Technical Debt

Beginner DevOps

Automated build, beginning cultural changes, Automated Alert management

Intermediate DevOps

Adopted Cultural changes and defined change management processes, Automation scripts, Continuous Development

Advanced DevOps

Integration with tool chain - monitoring security and configuration management, Data collection and feedback loop for further improvement

Optimized DevOps

Dedicated CI and CD for each product, prudent cost and resource utilisation, Pipeline of Pipelines (AL), Automated issues resolution

Identify your DevOps readiness with the DevOps Maturity Assessment Model

Since organizations started to realize the importance and advantages of adopting DevOps practices as a core model in their development teams and operations, a great deal has been accomplished around the topic by clearly defining the DevOps journey.

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DevOps Maturity Model


Wherever you are in your DevOps journey, we can help you accelerate to your long-term DevOps goals.
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