Partner with Innominds for Traditional QA Services to Focus on Comprehensive End-to-End Testing

Of late, the technology sphere has been continuously changing and challenges related to compatibility, integration and quality of application is increasing. With an increase in the demand for quality product and shorter development life cycle, software testing is going to play a key role in evaluating the application before it is delivered.

Innominds Approach For Providing Traditional QA Services

Innominds is one of the leading QA services company when it comes to providing traditional testing services which focus on comprehensive end-to-end testing. Innominds testing methodology is well structured and adaptable to clients for the different stages of lifecycle to align the testing objectives against the overall business goals. Innominds emphasizes on introducing testing in the early phases of software development life cycle and identify the defects. It also provides the latest in testing techniques and tools such as requirements profiling and validation, model-based testing, automated test design, pre-built test accelerator and dynamic test planning and scheduling.

Innominds established a Test Centre of Excellence (TCoE), which would work explicitly in the area of Quality Assurance and will enable organizations to scale up existing testing processes and offer services with higher quality in a shorter delivery time and at a reduced cost.

Innominds Traditional QA Service Offerings:

  1. Functional Testing: Innominds’ functional testing services focuses on tests and ways in which application executes various functions in alignment with functional requirements and user expectations. These functions include various user actions, searches, user screens, data operations, business processes and integrations. Our regression strategy ensures that the new features or enhancements do not have any impact on the quality of the existing applications by prioritizing the features, modules and functions of the application under test based on impact and likelihood of failures. Risk-driven functional testing methodology ensures superior test coverage and discovers defects early in the test life cycle.

    Innominds’ team begin with an assessment of the application/product objectives and outlay clearly defined implementation strategy for aligning functional testing objectives. Right from requirement gathering to reduced defects, Innominds experts strive to provide optimal test coverage of end-to-end business scenarios by adhering to techniques like traceability matrix.

  2. Compatibility Testing: Innominds offers extensive compatibility testing of products on variety of platforms, browsers, hardwares, mobile devices, databases, standalones, etc. The scope of compatibility testing is getting bigger, and we with our expertise, tackle it with organized approach, increased coverage, and regular feedback. Our experts have designed Compatibility Testing processes templates to plan, build and execute tests on pre-defined systems, which can be re-scaled to suit customer requirements. These templates cover combinations of hardware peripherals, computing configurations, operating systems, web and standalone apps, browsers, forward and backward compatibility of different versions of the product and benchmarking.

  3. Systems Integration Testing: Innominds System Integration team focuses on integrated components to identify the issues proactively by using wide range of testing techniques. We perform System Integration Testing with top down or bottom up approach to find the smallest possible bugs, which improves overall quality of the system. Our approach is to validate compatibility between various modules of an application to ensure flawless integration.

  4. Database Testing: Data stability is very important for the applications, which makes Database Testing mandatory to ensure the data is durable, scalable and consistent. Innominds’ database testing team follows a sequential process of Database Testing, starting from the user interface layer, moving through the business layer and the critically important data access layer and then finally to the database. Our team also ensures data validity, procedures, triggers, and data updates such as inserts, and deletes are all exercised and tested.

QE Traditional QA Services

Our QA experts also help you in User Acceptance Testing, API Testing, in addition to Localization and Internationalization Testing, to ensure that system and application works as per user expectations.

Our Key Strengths:

  • Comprehensive end-to-end testing
  • Test support across OS, OEMs, browsers and device networks
  • Testing for industry specific compliance validation
  • Process accelerators and jump-start kits
  • Testing processes are compliant to TMMi, CMMi, Prince, Agile and other best practices
  • Comprehensive test lab for Compatibility Testing
  • Solid knowledge of diverse tools and frameworks
  • Intelligence analytics, which provides absolute visibility via key performance indicators
  • Certified and career testers

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