RPA helps achieve the highest levels of testing accuracy and makes business processes up to 90% efficient


  • You are still doing manual testing for the majority of the development pipeline
  • You cannot fully embrace AI and ML without retaining some of the traditional practices that still work
  • You doubt if automation can be achieved for your business
  • Fears of slowing down the services during the transformation


  • Replace 80-90% of manual testing processes with automation scripts throughout the development cycle
  • Retain the best-working traditional elements while implementing complex AI and ML algorithms
  • Innominds extensive assessments can give you a thorough analysis
  • Our reusable bots and components make transformation a cake walk

Our Offerings

Innominds RPA practice offers expert services complementing the entire life-cycle of RPA

Business Readiness Assessment

Focus on business value generation with in-depth expert assessments

Our rich and extended experience in making RPA business - ready focuses on thinking ahead by looking closely at the value proposition and roadmap generation.

Tools, Feasibility and ROI Assessments

Assess present capabilities against future possibilities

We do the groundwork for you by assessing the tools that bring the digital transformation you always dreamed of

RPA Automation Framework Development

Move to development with a mesh of tools and resources proposition

Extensive partnerships with industry leading platforms that can automate business processes - UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Another Monday, Work Fusion and Blue Prism – can be leveraged for account reconciliation, P&L, loan processing, claim processing, fraud check, etc.

RPA Bot Development and Deployment

Get going with Innominds RPA CoE Test Labs

Set up Test Labs with IP and Accelerators. We sport hundreds of readily deployable Bots, Plug & Play artefacts and reusable components. Execute elaborate workflows with 95+ RPA cross-certified professionals with over 100+ certified resources.

Automated Workflows and Test Generation

Integrate automation at every step

Configure end-to-end automation with workflows pairing bots and processes. With advanced testing automation scripts that mimic manual execution of repetitive tasks, model your automated testing to automatically generate and maintain test cases.

Deep Learning with NLP and OCR

Re-invent with advanced cognition

Extract data from non-digitized sources and process unstructured data through natural language recognition with NLP and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Cognitive attribute extraction with Innominds scalable solutions surpasses commercial tools in terms of capability and investment requirements

Continuous Monitoring and Post Production Support

Reliable and ongoing support

Test and sign-off with the Shift Right approach of continued improvements, Continuous Monitoring for defects, user-centric testing, usability reviews, and adoption of newer trends as they come.

Our Tools and Partners


Success Story

Delivering Solutions for Structured and Unstructured Invoice Data Processing

The client found that processing invoices from non-digitized and assorted sources was a long-drawn task. The data collected was in structured and unstructured formats, and the current methods and tools being used were expensive.

Innominds automated the processes by reducing the need for intervention by up to 90%.


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