We ensure your application is fast, consistent, highly available and scalable

In this digital era and information age, customer satisfaction, brand value and business revenues have become directly proportional to application performance. Today’s customers are becoming more and more brand agnostic and are willing to shift loyalty at the slightest hint of dissatisfaction. In such a scenario, application performance has become one of the prerequisites for organizations to retain customers, improve brand value and business revenues.

Performance engineering experts at Innominds will advise your organization on the suitable approach that needs to be adapted for your application’s performance needs and guide you at every stage of the application life cycle with best practices.

Performance Testing And Engineering Services

performance testing

Performance Advisory

Our performance engineering experts will review the application architecture, performance testing and engineering process, tools, practices and provide an audit report with the observations and suggestions for improvements.

Performance Evaluation

We help in evaluating the application performance, assessing the applications ability to scale vertically and horizontally, benchmarking the application performance and identifying the application’s response to worst case scenario loads.

Performance Engineering

Our Performance Engineering Service Offers Include:

  • End to End Performance Testing and Engineering – Right from architecture design, performance testing, monitoring, tuning the application and re-designing the architecture
  • Architecture Analysis – Analyzing the existing application architecture, identify any bottlenecks and suggest improvements
  • Capacity Planning – Identifying appropriate infrastructure, hardware and software configurations for the load requirements and future load projections
  • Application Performance Monitoring – Application performance monitoring for the applications in production
  • Performance Profiling for Code and Database Queries – Profile the application code and database queries to identify the potential bottlenecks

Key Strengths:

  • Expert pool of performance architects and performance engineers
  • Diverse experience working with all industry standard proprietary and open source load testing tools>
  • Established performance testing and engineering methodology, best practices and guidelines
  • Performance COE with rich knowledge base
  • Experience with all tools, technology stacks and industry domains
  • Strategic partnerships with tools, lab and technology vendors
  • Re-usable code libraries to cut down the script development timelines

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