Partner with Innominds to Define IoT and Connected Devices Testing Strategy to Accelerate your IoT Initiatives

Today, enterprises are designing applications that have combination of various Embedded Devices, Hardware, Sensors, Gateways, Connectors, Protocols and IoT platforms, which, in turn, brings complexity and unique set of challenges with respect to application and connected objects testing. IoT is the network of physical objects that are connected to internet allowing them to send, receive and exchange data. According to a recent study by McKinsey, around 25 billion objects across the globe will be inter-connected through IoT by 2020.

Innominds Approach to IoT and Connected Devices Testing

Our comprehensive IoT testing framework and methodologies handle IoT platforms uniquely by providing solutions to validate variety of testing such as Security & Data Privacy across interconnected layers of IoT system, functional, performance, vulnerability testing of mobile and control applications, testing cloud and web services, testing of embedded hardware and user experience. In addition, our experts focus on validating Wireless Protocols, Infrastructure, Device Firmware, and Interoperability Testing, etc. Our IoT testing approach coupled with state-of-the-art IoT test labs, ensures all connected systems, subsystems, interfaces, and applications work seamlessly on all relevant platforms, devices and versions.


Our Key Strengths:

  • Smart labs for device testing
  • Robust by design – test driven design and development
  • Large pool of IoT testers with device certification & infrastructure testing
  • Best-in class IoT testing methodology and approach

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