Testing is even more complex in a world of embedded devices, sensors, gateways, connectors, new communication protocols, and IoT platforms. Mitigate the risks and cut costs with our IoT, 5G, Medical Devices, Embedded, Wi-Fi and BLE, AR and VR-enabled testing services.

IoT and Connected Devices Testing and Automation Services

Ship IoT products that stand up to real-world challenges

Test, validate and verify any IoT use case in real world conditions and get to market faster with our services for testing functionality, performance, compliance and connectivity. We ensure your devices—Android or Linux-based or M2M—work seamlessly on multiple platforms and versions.


Expertise in unified communication testing, interoperability testing, protocol testing, backward compatibility


Experience as Qualcomm’s authorized design centre; and expertise on Brew MP platform on Qualcomm chipsets

Comprehensive range of testing services


  • Connectivity testing
  • Security testing
  • Product testing
  • Platform testing


  • Design validation
  • Protocol testing
  • Device certification
  • Field testing


  • Usability testing
  • Battery testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Interrupt testing


  • Upgrade testing
  • Integration testing
  • SoC validation
  • Component validation

5G network testing services

We can help you meet the new challenges of 5G testing

Leverage our 5G network testing services—functional and automation to ensure operational excellence and consistent performance of your 5G network or 5G-driven devices. We offer 5G testing services for global service providers and for complex
use cases across industries.

We have a deep understanding of 5G certifications validation as we work with chipset vendors and major telecom companies.

Millimetre Wave with massive MIMO


Dual connectivity with LTE

Thermal mitigation

Data reliability

More testing and automation services for all connected devices

Embedded Testing and Automation Services

WiFi and BLE Testing services

AR and VR-Enabled Device Testing Services

Success Story

End-to-End Test Automation with 80% Test Coverage for Hardware Sensors, Connected Devices and Application Software for Asset Tracking Solution Provider

Read how we helped the client reduce manual testing efforts by 80% and improve automated test coverage for its IoT applications and software.


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