The Challenge

Your customers demand superior customer experiences across all channels. Your test organization struggles to cope with growing demands for multi-experience development, compliance to accessibility regulations, testing complex interfaces such as AR and VR, conversational bots, voice, and wearables.

We Offer

We help you deliver high-quality applications with testing and automation services for all interfaces,
technologies, and platforms, creating scalability, compliance, and accessibility across Digital Next initiatives.

Mobile Apps Testing and Automation Services

Customer Experience/Usability Testing Services

Omnichannel Testing and Automation Services

Blockchain Testing Services

Cloud and SaaS Testing Services

Voice Apps and Conversational AI Bots Testing Services

Accessibility Testing Services

AR and VR apps Testing Services

Mobile Test Center of Excellence

Jump start your testing and automation efforts

We help improve your ROI with the right people, processes, tools, accelerators, devices and frameworks across geographies, technologies and platforms for mobile testing and automation.

Innominds Mobile test strategy considers various factors, including the devices and carriers that are supported, network bandwidth, and geographical location of the mobile users through device emulators, cloud-based mobile labs, and physical devices.

Innominds Mobile Device Lab

Innominds state-of-the art mobile device lab supports all your mobile test automation needs


  • On-demand, globally accessible bank of mobile devices

  • Testing on real devices gives actual results than on simulators or emulators

  • Ability to test with multiple networks world-wide

  • Saves significant costs and effort

  • Partnership with leading providers ensuring security and privacy

  • Access to diverse operating systems, browsers, devices and hardware

  • Zero maintenance cost for customers


Web and Cloud-based SaaS Application Testing and Automation Services

We include compatibility testing of the web applications across browsers, OS and device combinations. This testing considers how the web app is responding in each combination of browser, OS and device and what is the end user experience.

Innominds Cloud and DevOps Capabilities

We provide both custom-managed and integrated cloud services that comprise 24x7 oversight and management for all platforms, security, network operations, and data processing needs, including process automation aligned to your business goals. We have domain, functional and technological expertise to significantly de-risk the DevOps and InfraOps programs of our customers.

Innominds Cloud Enablement-Pillars of Success

Transformation through automation
Improved financial outcomes
Disruption through innovation & IPs
Best-of-breed technology with an eye on future

Accessibility Testing

Make your app easy-to-use for the differently abled and improve your brand image

Our team of certified accessibility testing engineers help you meet global accessibility standards WCAG 2.0 (Level A, AA), WCAG 2.1 (Level A, AA), Section 508, ADA, ARAI, DDA – Australia, DDA – UK, European Union and BITV – Germany, and other applicable standards

Success Story

80% reduction in testing efforts; 500+test scripts developed for test automation pipeline and for a VR gaming platform

Our client, a leading consumer electronics company, needed extensive QE support for their VR engine and platform development processes. Explore how Innominds helped the client save up to 80% in testing effort and time while detecting defects early in the development cycle.


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