Data is your most valuable asset. To get actionable data insights aligned to your business goals, you need superior data quality and data integrity. Test data quality and create the right test environment and management with our services.

We Offer

We help you test data quality, manage your data environment, implement service virtualisation, shrink the development cycle and save testing costs and efforts while accelerating the market readiness of your software applications and products.

Data Quality Testing Services

Assess your data quality for completeness, accuracy, accessibility, consistency, comprehensiveness, definition, granularity and relevance.

We conduct data profiling, data matching, data quality reporting and master data management and customer data integration and ETL testing services.

Test Data Management Services

We manage the test data and ensure it is never used for the unintended purposes is scrubbed of ‘personally identifiable information’.

We follow strict adherence to test data management principles such as early identification of the type of data required, maintaining customer privacy and refreshing the environment after each testing cycle, and ensuring that data is securely available to testers and developers.

Test Environment Management Services

Establish a well-controlled, tailored, flexible test environment that supports all your testing demands across multiple user channels and interfaces, distributed systems landscape and business applications.

We address key efficiency, quality and shift left objectives and challenges, and recommend processes and toolsets, conduct tool feasibility analysis, drive a pilot, and provide the TEM rollout.

Service Virtualization

We validate your applications in a complex enterprise eco system through virtual services, enabling frequent and comprehensive testing even when key components are missing from your system architecture.

Improve productivity, reduce testing costs, and deploy higher-quality software in a shorter timeframe especially for complex cloud-, API-, and SOA-based systems.

Success Story

Conducted ETL testing for global tax consultancy and delivered high quality data testing

Know how Innominds created massive artificial data for test scenarios that did not have real data, transformed and loaded it on SAP HANA and developed an automated test engine for testing the database.


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