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Quality Engineering - The Fulcrum for Innovation

Growing complexity, increasing dependency on digitalization and a need to accelerate the business cycle time are some of the challenges being faced by Enterprises across the globe. With more and more Enterprises going digital, Quality Engineering has become the fulcrum for innovation. For an organization to be at the top of their game, they need to deliver a seamless customer experience coupled with the ability to roll out high – quality applications. This reality is pushing organizations to reinvent their approach to testing and quality engineering.

The Game Changer

To drive efficiency and quality, Innominds Quality Engineering specialists have built Harmony, a robust testing platform, to solve the testing problems faced by Enterprises and shape their digital future. Harmony offers an array of testing types across a wide range of industries, digital technologies and applications. The testing platform is a robust solution built with industry best practices and techniques, leveraging open source tools, and can seamlessly support test automation for web & mobile apps and multiple types of APIs.

Challenges in Test Automation

  • Lack of robust and scalable test automation framework, which is tool and OS-agnostic

  • Tool and frameworks’ inability to handle complexity related to OS, OEM and tech stack

  • Tool and frameworks’ inability to support reusability, modularity and OO architecture

  • Inability to support integration with diverse CI, test management & defect tracking tools

  • Identifying right approach and design, for developing test scripts that can work on different platforms

Innovate to Accelerate

Harmony has been designed to keep up with the rapid pace of innovation, which is devised to address today’s demand for digital disruption. The state-of-the-art testing platform not only reduces the cost of delivery and cycle times but also improves customer experience.

Key Features

Design Right

• Object Repository, POM, Components

Re – Usable Library

• More than 170 re–usable methods for web, mobile and APIs

Test Data Management

• JSON, XML, Data Generation, Integration with DBs

Test Harness Generator

• Data, Configuration, Suites, Environments

Integration and Continuous Validation

• Defect Management, Traceability, External Plugins, CI/CD

The Beneficiaries

Companies and team building products or custom applications will benefit from our solution. Examples of situations:

Innominds’ robust automation framework, Harmony could automate complex apps like barcode scanner, RFID reader and data consolidation with multiple data sources. This helped us reduce the cycle time by 80 percent for the entire regression cycle.

Prakash Iyer, Sr. Vice President, Trimble Inc

Compatibility with Multiple Platforms and Browsers

Harmony comes with the unique feature of being compatible with plethora of platforms and browsers, which, in turn, enables Enterprises to become scalable and receptive to deal with market dynamics.








Internet Explorer/ Edge




Innominds unique strengths in testing services include:


Parallel Execution

Supports API Test Automation

Integration with CI/CD tool

Detailed Email Test Reports

Cross Browser Support

Consolidated Dashboard

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