Why Innominds for DataStax?

Innominds is the global preferred partner for Enterprises to design, execute and manage their high throughput and real time applications running on DataStax. Innominds expertise in scalable distributed databases, enterprise grade implementations, reference architectures and accelerators make it a unique provider that can deliver the modernization & transformation journeys of Enterprise

Exclusive Global Partner

Innominds is DataStax's exclusive global partner, offering a imprehensive range of services.

360-Degree Partnership

Innominds is deeply integrated into DataStax's product lifecycle, providing a holistic understanding and support approach.

Pre-packaged Solutions

Innominds delivers ready-to-deploy solutions on DataStax technology, streamlining implementation.

Successful Engagements and Customer Satisfaction

The partnership boasts a track record of 15 to 20 successful engagements with positive customer feedback and testimonials.

Our Partnership at a Glance


Trained Resources


Presence in North America, Europe, and APAC

Innominds and DataStax: Our Transformative Solutions


Supporting real-time streaming and analytics solutions for large-scale BFSI customers, enabling high-performance data processing, advanced analytics, and enhanced customer experiences.

Social Media

Building recommendation engines and delivering dynamic, personalized content for enhanced user engagement and satisfaction.


Building Data Lake solutions that enable real-time analytics and enhance operational efficiency by consolidating and managing large volumes of data, providing a unified platform for advanced data processing and analysis.


Customer Success Stories



Requirement of an upgraded infrastructure and modernization of mobile/web applications 


  • Innominds helped UBI to modernize infrastructure with distributed NoSQL databases:
  • DSE Cassandra: For application workloads
  • DSE Analytics: For analytics workloads
  • DSE Search: For enhanced search capabilities

Technology Used

DSE Cassandra, DSE Analytics, DSE Search


Improved System Performance, Ensured Scalability, Increased Availability, Robust Data Distribution and Fault Tolerance, Enhanced Real-time Streaming and Analytics Capabilities

Delhi Police


The police department needed to implement a data lake to integrate data from 32 different sources, create a single data point of view, reduce total cost of ownership, and simplify data management.


  • Innominds built a data lake using DataStax: DSE Cassandra, DSE Analytics, and DSE Search.
  • Performed analytics for police business use cases.
  • Accelerated analytics processes.
  • Improved data management and operational efficiency.

Technology Used

DSE Cassandra, DSE Analytics, DSE Search


Faster Analytics, Improved Security and Governance, Lower Total Cost of Ownership, Simplified Data Management, Enhanced Operational Efficiency



Need for dynamic, personalized content to enhance user engagement and satisfaction.


  • Innominds built advanced recommendation engines using DataStax Astra's AI capabilities.

Technology Used

DataStax Astra, AI Tools


Enhanced User Engagement and Satisfaction. Real-time Personalized Content Delivery, Improved System Scalability and Performance

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Meet Our Team

Ravi Kumar Meduri

EVP - IP and Digital Solutions

Gautham Pallapa

SVP - Cloud, Data, and AI

Manju Rao

Vice President - Sales

Arun Kalasapudi

Vice President – Partnerships


Innominds builds accelerators so enterprises can leverage the real-time AI-powered applications that can be built on the DataStax stack, including among others DSE, Astra, Astra Streaming and Luna Streaming. Some examples of our accelerators are:

Migrations from RDBMS or other NoSQL to DSE/ Astra

OTel/ OTLP connector for Observability

Health check and diagnostic tools and automation

❤ AI Webinar

Reimagine the E-commerce Customer Experience Leveraging Generative AI and Vector Search on Your Private Cloud

Ravi Meduri & Nidhi Bhatnagar | Innominds & DataStax

"Innominds has been an invaluable partner throughout our journey. It has been instrumental in building and strengthening our integrated app and cloud service offerings, filling the gap of cellular network dead zones. It’s expertise and commitment have made a significant impact on our product's success."

Jonathan Nattrass Chief Product Officer, Bullitt Group

“Innominds is an ideal partner for global enterprises looking for Digital Next initiatives. They transformed our opportunities by providing a platform for us about the size of a laptop. With this technology available we can now disseminate our product around the world with Qualcomm chipsets and 5G connectivity.”

Discern Science

“The Innominds team takes a thoughtful approach to provide continuous innovation to help improve the quality of our application and increase customer satisfaction. Innominds provided dedicated coverage for our deliverables even during the COVID-19. I really appreciate their support and flexibility.”

MicrosoftTeams-image (1)-Oct-11-2021-10-58-05-75-AM
Cristy Goff QA Lead, WireWheel

"Innominds strong internal discipline and practice standards across their organization enabled LucidAct to build and execute with record speed. No requirement was too small or too big for them, they took all our requirements into their standard process and executed on time."

Grace Chen Co-founder and CEO, LucidAct Health

"A vast number of surgical videos need to be annotated and labeled for physicians. Our ActivSightTM algorithms together with Innominds solutions can annotate a one-hour surgical video in about 10 minutes, helping physicians save lot of time and effort, and make better data-driven decisions."

Todd Usen CEO, Activ Surgical

“Innominds expertise in camera vision, AI and its innovative ideas play a very critical role, perfectly fitting in the Qualcomm’s vision of delivering and enabling the best-of-breed boutique use cases -especially, when it requires a high-level of customization and unique service offerings.”

Sanjeet Pandit Global Head, Smart Cities Program, Qualcomm

"Our partnership with Innominds and Qualcomm will ensure surgeons everywhere will have greater access to cutting-edge technology, that’ll enable them to make better-informed decisions with the use of our real-time overlays and clinical insights which minimize surgical errors."

Tom Calef CTO, Activ Surgical

Innominds is a great partner to work with and in iFusion, we have a recommendation engine based upon customer's past purchasing preferences for products and platforms. This is a great capability that iFusion brings to the platform with its ML capabilities.

RON KUNKEL DCG Solutions Manager, Lenovo

“We learned pretty quickly on, that we had to listen to what they had to say. And we’re about to do that again. They have suggested to us, technology advances, that we didn’t come up with on our own.”

Dr. Joe Peterson, MD CEO at Medical Tactile, Inc.

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