Our best gift to our customers: Time

DevOps and Cloud operations have become critical success factors rather than being support activities for platform companies.

The World is transforming. Are you ?

As each day passes, companies are fast evolving into agile delivery models. They look to cut work cycles, introduce efficiency across the company in order to survive. Major transformations in the industry like core focus on services, digital transformation and a business scene which insists on speed, precision and innovation have placed a spotlight on DevOps and Cloud services. However, adopting them is a large and focus draining process which distracts companies from their core strengths. 

This is where we come in. With our cross functional expertise and proven track record over the years, Innominds helps you adopt the best of DevOps and Cloud, increasing work efficiency and agility, enabling you to grapple with an ever changing technological and business environment while not losing out on your core competencies and focus.

As we say, our best gift to you : Time. Time to focus on your core competencies while we ensure the seamless transition from development to operations. 

A race towards your Goals, not against Time

Innominds is one of those unique companies with cross-functional teams and expertise across technology. This enables us reduce the engagement burden on the customer by providing on-site resources who then ramps up offshore resources. With our efficient teams, we blur the line between development and operations. 

DevOps is a culture, a philosophy at Innominds

We understand that DevOps is neither a process or methodology, a culture that has to be seamlessly applied across teams. It involves multiple skill areas like by cloud operations, security etc. For any organization to apply this, it is not a straightforward process and involves a lot of complexities.Innominds, with our experienced teams help you by taking over this process and free you to do what are best at doing. 

Why Innominds? 

Innominds over the years, have created a consistent track record of high production uptime. Some of the factors which help us achieve this are :


Created efficiencies in 24x7x365 operations with ‘follow the sun’ dualshore shared services team & designated roles.

Cloud operations management

We have implemented tools and processes and, leveraged analytics for efficient cloud operations management.

Seamless service

Ensured seamless and uninterrupted service during the major release of the new applications.

Scope of responsibilities

Due to our multi functional expertise, we have been entrusted by our clients, with an expanded scope of responsibilities and over time became exclusively managed service providers for them. 

Case Study - Cloud services solution for a Benefits Management company based in San Francisco 

Architecting for efficient operations, Designing for scale and Operating the environments with best fit tools & practices 

DevOps and Cloud operations have become critical success factors rather than being support activities for platform companies. The client, at the start of their growth curve with their health management platform for enterprises, needed help with managing & scaling the platform on cloud and providing uninterrupted service to their enterprise customers. Innominds started with migrating the client’s service from Heroku to Rackspace for HIPAA compliance and became their exclusive managed services provider managing multiple different environments with 99.99% uptime of the platform. 

Project Highlights

Cloud Migration

Migrated the cloud for HIPAA compliance purposes from Heroku to Rackspace and AWS. 

Cloud Architecture and Design

Architected an operationally efficient and secure cloud by employing best practices & tools, designed for high availability with clustering methods and for optimized costs. 

Cloud Operations Management

Provided personnel, processes and tools for managing the environments 24x7x365. Implemented dual-shore shared services model considering the availability and effort optimization needs. Additionally, leveraged analytics for efficient operations. 

Cloud Automation

Implemented CI & CD, cloud orchestration and configuration management. Implemented infrastructure-as-code approach to manage the modern, increasingly complex data center. 

Speed, Efficiency, Productivity - DevOps and Cloud Services, A necessity 

Cloud services and DevOps has become a necessity rather than a choice. This creates advantages across the company business-wise and enables productive teams which leads to better work culture.

Today’s enterprises, need help with managing & scaling their platforms on cloud and providing uninterrupted service to their customers.


Innominds understands this and has over the years built  a faster, ambitious team with cross functional expertise that helps you focus on your core business. 

If you are an organization looking to transform your work processes and deliver models, do talk to our DevOps specialists.