Only Product engineering partner with integrated expertise in apps, device technologies, and analytics

We built physical products with embedded software and that connect to external physical systems as well as software systems with diverse industry use cases. 

Founded by Product Engineering specialists, our original story makes us stand apart and ranks us alongside the top players in the category of full life cycle product engineering. With a 1000-strong intellectual collective, the average experience within far exceeds the standards of our competition. 

From ideation to commercialization, our integrated expertise in apps, device technologies and analytics makes us build convergent solutions and products that help our clients grow their businesses and realize their market vision.

Innominds has a wide range of competencies and a diverse clientele. We work extensively with Product Engineering companies who place a significant demand on the sophistication of our service – especially from a technology perspective.

We have worked on over 500 product releases in the past 5 years alone.

Delivering best-in-class solutions tailored to meet the needs of global clients, Innominds has been driving the ecosystem that powers successful enterprises world over. With extensive domain and technology expertise, and solutions which can be seamlessly incorporated into existing IT infrastructures, for two decades, Innominds has been highly successful in ensuring optimal business performance and maximized return on technology investments.

We empower our clients to amplify productivity in the product development lifecycle. We help them in reducing the time-to-market and enable them to experience considerable cost savings, all of this while maintaining the highest possible standard of quality.

Innominds has rich product engineering capability both on the Application-Software space (Enterprise & Consumer) as well as on the Systems/Embedded-space (Devices, IoT). At both ends we engage with leading technology/corporate customers (Computer Associates, Trimble, Intel, Qualcomm etc.) and established product engineering companies in addition to startups (Ayla Networks and Hatchbuck). Many of the product ideas that we worked on are listed in their respective segment in Gartner’s magic quadrant. Innominds also invests in R&D on an ongoing basis that helps us to build market relevant solutions with emerging technologies in shorter time.

Our focus is on emerging technologies building products/accelerators on multiple fronts such as System on Module on devices front, iFusion on Big Data & Analytics (BDA) front, and frameworks / solutions in application development, mobility, and quality assurance competencies.

Our talent pool, driven by innovation and passion, develops robust and flexible engagement models with tested and proven engineering methodologies.

Wide expertise

Industrial: In our ongoing association with Qualcomm, Trimble and Ayla Networks, we developed solutions for intelligent asset tracking, board integration and weather home automation. Our rugged and commercial tablet devices are aimed at efficacious industrial and outdoor use.

Enterprise Software: Innominds has been highly successful in developing enterprise-grade products for customers such as Trimble, and other global technology and product companies. We developed solution accelerators and platforms such as iFusion Analytics to enable enterprises build solutions with advanced analytics capabilities.

Construction and Transport: Developing fleet management and field operations solutions for Trimble, Innominds assisted in effective tracking and monitoring, streamlining efficiency, and increasing productivity.

Consumer Electronics: Innominds developed companion software for consumer wearables for customers like Timex and is into production of customized tablet devices in multiple variants designed for consumer and enterprise needs.

Our accelerators defy odds 


kiteboard_3.jpgA light-weight, small form factor and cost-effective Computer-on-Module (COM) Board for building Mobile Devices, Connected Embedded Systems and IoT Solutions.


iFusion: This advanced analytics solution platform addresses data challenges by eliminating complexities in collecting data from heterogeneous sources and poly-structured data and combining the disparate sources through virtualization and federation. With its inbuilt rich set of algorithms and ability to onboard custom-built algorithms, iFusion Analytics enables enterprises to focus on building predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions instead of managing the Big Data “infrastructure stack” to achieve actionable insights. 

Indra rugged tablet: User-friendly heavyweight Performance Device based on Qualcomm quad-core processor, aimed for outdoor industrial use.

ARI tablet with iris scanner: Tablet Device with superior speed and performance lets consumers multitask and helps users interact with data by providing quick access to frequently used apps, alerts and remote device management functionality. Ari is an Enterprise-grade Mobile Device with Biometric Authentication Systems (IRIS Scanner).

ARI MDM: Purpose-built Platform for Enterprises to secure and manage Mobile Devices, Applications and Content.

Innominds Test Automation Framework (ITAF): ITAF is an Innominds accelerator solution which is highly scalable across various platforms including Web Applications across Browsers, Mobile, Cloud and Web Service APIs. This framework is equipped with features and reasonable abstraction by integrating with various third-party tools making it more powerful and scalable for Test Automation.

SureTouch Medical Tactile Imaging

SureTouch is a connected device solution built by Innominds which is an integrated health + cloud + device solution. SureTouch Tactile Breast Imaging (TBI) is a compliment to the clinical breast examination, which enables all areas of the breast to be examined. Moving the SureTouch tactile breast imaging sensor (TBI) instantly creates a digitally generated, multidimensional, real time image


This was an end to end solution built by Innominds which included three vital components

  1. Design and development of the ‘Rand’, a wireless module device which is used to examine the breasts
  2. A Custom Tablet which helps in data visualization/ real time projection of result
  3. A Cloud software solution which helps in data analysis, archiving and report generation.

This was a dynamic and challenging project involving multiple teams, diverse skills and extensive collaboration with sensor teams with complex tasks like

  1. Integrating IoT module into the ‘Wand,’ testing modules for wireless and health compliance and certifications
  2. Detail designing, rapid prototyping for the custom tablet and Wand
  3. Develop reports and analytics that help the appropriate user groups to study and analyze diagnostic data being transmitted by the cloud and the Wand / Probe

As of today, SureTouch is a complete Breast Examination solution which is used across 5 continents, in 21 locations whose immediacy and precision of results have earned rave reviews from clients and making a difference in people’s lives across the world.

Modern Product Engineering - A blend of multiple competencies

Modern Product engineering requires a seamless blend of multiple skills and competencies. We understand the dynamics involved in such a process with our years of expertise and collaboration with a diverse range of clients.

Since its inception, Product Engineering and Design is a matter of pride for Innominds. Our integrated expertise in apps, devices, technologies and analytics gives us a unique understanding in building products

Get in touch with us to get a deeper understanding of our processes and how they have enabled multiple companies to translate their dreams into actual products.