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The foundation of the custom mobile apps we create is a consistent functional experience. By developing human-centric custom mobile apps, we empower cognitive enterprises to materialize the complex nature of requirements. To achieve quantifiable success, our custom mobile app development services combine mobile experience strategy and design.
Why your Business Needs Custom Apps?

Create a mobile experience with flexible workflows

Benefit from a deeper digital culture

Deliver transformative mobile experiences in a hyper-competitive world

Improve and speed up the sharing of value with customers and partners

Establish a mobile presence to add corporate value during disruptive times

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What we Offer

Custom OS images

Custom apps for native connectivity and processing

Applications that utilize core features of the devices

AR/VR based, video analysis, image manipulation based applications

Mobile app strategy and consultation

Mobile app testing (manual & automated)

We have Built Custom Apps for


Sports & Fitness

Our Work

Cutting Edge Tech that is Being Built on Top of Mobile Apps

Patient Assessment and Tracking with AI-based Pain Level Identifier

  • Patient assessment based on overall symptoms
  • Pain level assessment with face expressions using AI and ML-based library
  • Secure data storage with compliance
  • Wizard driven approach for assessing patients
  • Pain points calculation based on the questionnaire 
  • AI-based facial expression library that can be used for
  • Pain level checking
  • Emotion capture
  • Medicine and therapy tracking per patient
  • Enterprise-grade application with branding and white-labeling capability
  • Subscription-based application for public usage

Field Collaboration Tool with AR/VR

  • Easy collaboration between a remote expert and field agent/personnel
  • Live chat and video conferencing
  • Integration with AR-based peripherals both monocular and binocular
  • Toshiba Dyna Edge
  • Epson BT-350
  • Vuzix M-300
  • Live interaction with annotations on video and image
  • Task flow definitions for complex processes made easy with instructions
  • Inclusion of AR-based technology to empower real-time object identification and modification
  • Complete user management with a messaging platform
Benefits of our Custom App Development
benefits of custom app development

Utilize the full power of mobile apps with the latest technologies

Integrate with the latest AI / ML kits of the app to solve real-time problems

Leverage the power of AR / VR for your construction business using indoor navigation

Improve the performance of athletes & sportsmen using the post-detection analysis instantaneously

Client Showcase


Case Study

A powerful Augmented Reality (AR) app that improves productivity, effectiveness, accuracy, and safety of enterprise workforces

Download this case study to learn how the app does defect identification with end-to-end collaboration

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