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Cross Platform App Development
Cross Platform Mobile App
A well-designed cross-platform mobile app can make a big impact and give users a lot more benefits by allowing them to access their products on several platforms. We deliver multi-platform apps at Innominds by creating code once and making it run on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android platforms.
Benefits of Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Save up to 45% on development costs

Cross-platform apps that are ready to go to market

High performance on all platforms

Shorter turn-around time

User experience that is as close to native as possible

Benefits of Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

We Use the Best Technology Stack for Cross-Platform App Development


Flutter is a Google-developed open-source mobile application platform, which enables fast development, expressive and flexible GUI, and native performance.


Xamarin is a Microsoft open-source app platform that allows you to create modern and performant iOS and Android apps using C# and.NET.

React Native

React Native is a cross-platform open-source project developed by Facebook and used by major global brands.

What Distinguishes us as a Leading Cross-Platform Mobile
Development Company?
Leading Cross Mobile Application Development Company

Cross-platform applications with a single code base

Custom plugin implementation

Multibrand and multi-channel based applications

We use Agile to deliver quick results

Cost-effective and quick development services

Leverage custom components built for platforms

Our Work

We use modern and user-friendly tools and technology to create cutting-edge applications

  • Enterprise Process Management Application
  • Survey Feedback Application for NPS and CES Scores
  • Warranty Registration and Customer Connect Application
  • Last-Mile Delivery Executive Application

Enterprise Process Management Application

Enterprise Process Management Application

  • Dynamic process definition and management
  • Approval management
  • Leave approvals
  • Timesheet approvals
  • Preventive maintenance approvals
  • Work order approvals and creations
  • Travel reimbursement approvals
  • Integration with different backend systems
  • SAP | Oracle | Salesforce | ServiceNow
  • White labeling for different brands and shops
  • Rapid prototyping capability for enterprises

Survey Feedback Application for NPS and CES Scores

Survey Feedback Application for NPS and CES Scores

  • Role-based access to analytics
  • Schedulers for campaigns
  • NPS and CES based campaigns
  • Templates along with modifications
  • Customization of templates
  • Analytics of campaigns over time
  • Score analysis
  • Feedback listing and response over the application
  • Map distribution of the response and segment based analytics
  • Custom attribute definition for reporting and further analysis

Warranty Registration and Customer Connect Application

Warranty Registration and Customer Connect Application

  • Register your products with customers for warranty
  • Live support for the registered products 
  • Customer connect and ease of reach for companies to customers
  • Real-time support for products with messaging, chat, and AI-based bot integration
  • Smart assistant integration with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Smart ticketing system
  • Map and listing view for emergency help on the product

Last-Mile Delivery Executive Application

Last-Mile Delivery Executive Application

  • Live delivery tracking
  • Pickup and delivery features
  • Returns execution
  • Critical goods management with live sensor data for temp. etc.
  • Optimal route generation
  • Live location tracking for administrators
  • A signature, bar-code, OTP based authentication for goods delivery
  • Emergency information for any break-down etc. situations
  • External accessory integration (bar code scanners, fingerprint authentications)
  • Batch wise status update and download for low-network areas
  • Process-based task management (scan, deliver, authenticate, confirm)
  • Incentive and attendance tracking
  • Optimal route and break suggestions based on delivery times and the delivery execution route

We have Built Custom Apps for




Transportation & Logistics

Client Showcase


Case Study

A Mobile App to Facilitate Battery Warranty Registration, Warranty Status, and, Locate Nearby Service Points

Download this case study to learn how Innominds developed the mobile app on both Android and iOS platforms for all the modules in the Cross-Platform Development approach using Flutter

Cross App Development Services for Different Platforms

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