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We specialize in integrating Android into OEM devices while customizing at multiple levels to match the customer’s unique brand identity.

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AOSP Customization & Carrier Apps
Device manufacturers and operators prefer to give unique user experiences to each section of consumers and effectively promote customer satisfaction, knowing that customization is a must business strategy. We provide specialized end-to-end services for dedicated devices to clients all over the world. Our skilled engineers specialize in delivering complete customization for Android systems.
Why Clients Choose Us

Extensive experience on various Android versions

Develop user-friendly UX designs that leverage multiple form factors

Quality multimedia experiences with advanced connectivity features

Customization at different levels, Apps, Frameworks, and HAL etc.

Reason behind for Clients Choose Us

Our Offerings

Android Open Source Project Customization for Custom Devices


Kiosk Mode and Setup Wizard Customization

System Integration at HAL Layer

Custom Launcher and System Apps

Carrier Applications



Contacts App Customization

Net Pack and My Carrier Type of Apps

Innominds AOSP Customization and Carrier Apps Project Highlights

Visual Voice Mail (VVM3) for North American Telecom Provider

Visual Voice Mail (VVM) is a service by the Verizon that enables users to manage voice mails from the devices with a variety of OS/platforms via an (email-like) intuitive user interface.

The VVM system uses client-server architecture with the server implementation and interfaces to access the VVM services managed and implemented by the telecom provider while the client component is developed by OEMs.

VVM service has been available to VZW customers for several years.

With the advancements in VZW network towards VoLTE and infrastructure changes, the VVM platform has also been upgraded to improve service quality, capacity, and scalability.

AOSP Customization and Carrier Apps Project
ID Scanner - Major Electronics Manufacturer

ID Scanner for Major Electronics Manufacturer

This is an AOSP dedicated device powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset with Android P (9.0).

Innominds developed the Custom Application which integrates the facial and document recognization software.

Android Stack is customized to support specific needs.

Innominds developed a Windows SDK that can be used to develop Windows applications to communicate with the Application implemented in the ID Scanner device via USB connection.

Client Showcase


Case Study

Download this case study to learn how Innominds developed the Visual Voice Mail app for a leading U.S based telecom provider that enables a user to see a list of messages similar to the Email application.

Download this case study to learn how the app does defect identification with end-to-end collaboration

Visual Voice Mail App

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