Join a company where you can truly make an impact

We know you don’t work for just money. You also want to leave an impact. We welcome you.

Many companies say that they value the individual. What does that exactly mean? A good salary? Beautiful office spaces? Great lunch programs? Of course we know you know the answer.

Achieving an ideal such as enabling an individual to make an impact is not easy. It requires commitment from the management and a culture that lets the person capable of making an impact move upwards. Grow.

At Innominds, we make sure nothing comes between your abilities and the goals. So, what do you want to do? What is your passion? What exactly do you really want to accomplish? Scientists world over are pushing boundaries of exploration and experimentation to better our understanding of the planet and to generate healthier solutions to critical issues. Farmers are increasing yields and consistently adding nutrition to the produce. Robots are being designed with rich algorithms and are almost performing surgeries and saving human lives on par with doctors. What humans do with technology is entering into an altogether new phase in human history. The way we learn and teach, live and play, work and create, and advance the future has never been more exciting.

Living in extraordinary times like these is interesting enough, but if you wish to lend a contribution or leave a mark of your own, we provide you the right platform. In a future created and owned by humans, we equip you with the right tools and technologies.


Working together means twice the impact

Our products and services not only transform businesses, but they catalyze the process of reshaping industries. A purpose-driven leadership at Innominds is channeling efforts of multi-skilled individuals and intellectual collectives to better services of UX, UI Engineering, Cloud, DevOps, BigData and Analytics, Security, Mobile, and the Internet of Things. We believe it is the idea that counts and innovation that matters. We admire your passion, be it autonomous cars or augmented reality, intelligent applications or virtual assistants.

When we talk about "impact", it can mean many things.

Impact can mean many things to many people. We would like to mention two examples.

1. Impact measured by the quality of an end-user experience.

    Innominds has delivered transformative experiences to several                       technology firms while bringing quality solutions to life. In remote                 villages, women to their convenience are using The SureTouch breast             cancer screening device, which is easing a process of early detection of         the disease. <Medical Tactile, Inc> in conjunction with Innominds,                 developed a sensory device for use in homes and medical centers by             individuals and low-skilled technicians to provide affordable, radiation-         free, comfortable and clinically effective breast exams. The test results         are then shared over 3G wireless connectivity with medical specialists           who remotely evaluate them and ensure efficient diagnostic support.

2. Harnessing the power of data, Innominds is transforming daily         workflows within enterprises making them more intuitive and           data- driven.

     iFusion, an advanced analytics platform from the Innominds Innovation        Labs has been helping companies with robust capabilities to manage            large volumes of data. We at Innominds imagine an AI-powered future          and aim to integrate artificial intelligence seamlessly into businesses and      industries.

The above two examples are just a few pages in our success story. We look forward to you to help us write mor. Take your career into your own hands, and not waste time working on someone else's agenda. The words of the anthropologist, Margaret Mead hold forever true at Innominds: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

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