Digital Transformation is 1% Vision and 99% Execution

We swiftly bring apps, device technologies and analytics together


When trends become mainstream, suddenly there will be newer opportunities for everyone. Digitalization of the Enterprise is not a trend anymore. As our customers make visionary plans to transform their businesses, we humbly ask how they plan on going from A to B. We believe that Digitalization is essentially a journey. It is a journey of execution. We at Innominds are pioneers of execution software and hardware projects. We wish that while a majority of Digital Transformation proponents make tall claims, you, our customer, knows that Digital Transformation is 1% Vision and 99% Execution.

As digital trends evolve, so must a business’ approach to building and integrating a seamless digital customer experience. Digital transformation requires examining technology and business models to make sure they effectively engage customers at every touchpoint in the customer experience lifecycle. Innominds helps clients drive toward digital transformation to unlock the value and reap the benefits by helping create, deliver and sustain technology solutions that offer experiences to engage customers at every touchpoint.

Software-led digital transformation can help an existing successful enterprise rewrite their business future to be more nimble, competitive and profitable.

We are all aware that enterprises in Banking, Retail, Healthcare, & Travel are experiencing a disruption in their businesses due to the advancement in technology like the confluence of the cloud, big data, and Internet of Things. They are seeing the need to redefine many areas like their customer’s experiences, supply chains, risk management, security and much more. That said, from our years working with companies trying to address this situation, we see two main trends impacting an enterprise’s quest for Digital Transformation.

The first is a need to build multi-faceted application platform that serves multiple user groups and connects many systems while providing flexibility for building apps on top of the platform. We have learned to construct platforms in ways products companies have been building platforms but within the Enterprise environment.

Secondly, the scope of Digital Transformation has expanded due to the emergence of IoT and Connected Devices, further compounding the complexity of implementing security and analytics solutions. We believe that the solutions in this area of convergence of Apps (APIs), Devices, Analytics and Security will be critical for the execution of the visions of Digital Transformation.

Innominds has been working with Enterprise companies for years, specializing in Big Data & Analytics, Connected Devices, and Security to help solve these complex problems in this app economy. More and more companies are investing heavily in digital customer/employee experience. Innominds while re-aligning and developing new technology and business models is helping enterprises to more efficiently compete in a digital economy. We all now know that digital transformation is simply not going be just digital trends anymore. It is driven instead, by societal needs. Our services empower decision-makers to understand better how the execution of Technology will then be an enabler to human-centered transformation in the enterprise to create more adaptive models, processes, and systems to evolve.


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