Empowering Next Generation Product Life Cycle Services

Innominds helps provide better digital experiences to its customers by starting with a discovery process, and an in-depth research and analysis to find out what they really need. We use our expertise to design, develop and deploy cutting-edge digital products and applications that are market-centric and serve your end business goals.

Innominds is the partner of choice for its clients as it captures their 360 degrees requirement and provides a holistic approach towards product development by:

  • Developing large complex projects cutting across front end web technologies
  • Executing back end integrated analytics and devices from concept to market launch 

Digital transformation is opening new avenues for leadership and strategic growth. It provides key strategic edge in a rapidly changing business environment for global enterprises.  Over a period of time, the traditional Product Life Cycle systems are fast evolving keeping in pace with the rapid changes, forcing enterprises to advance and revamp their traditional Product Life Cycle strategies for realizing digitalization.

Who Needs Product Life Cycle Services?

Building custom applications can go a long way in fueling your business growth. We, at Innominds, cater to clients who are in need of the following:

  • Application maintenance and support
  • Architecture consulting
  • Increased velocity of innovation
  • Have a product idea that needs to be conceptualized and realized via MVP implementation

Why Innominds?

Innominds offers a wide range of product life cycle services that support next generation products and business models. With expertise in every phase of the product life cycle, Innominds brings in a wealth of experience and expertise in designing a variety of products across various domains. We provide value addition by:

  • Developing custom applications for the entire life cycle of a product
  • Assisting organizations that are facing problems with innovation
  • Reducing longer cycles for architectural changes
  • Requirement Elicitation and Elaboration
  • Digital Lab and Design Thinking
  • Customer Feedback Analysis – Viability/Feasibility Report
  • Architectural Consulting
  • Open Source Adoption
    • MEAN
    • LAMP
    • iOpenstack/Hybrid cloud
    • Contribution to Open Source Community
  • Application Development
    • Agile
    • API Management
  • Maintenance and Support
    • Product Sustenance
    • L2 and L3 Support
    • Shared Services Model

  • Product idea to conceptualization and realization via MVP implementation
  • Shorter cycles for architectural changes
  • 24/7 maintenance & support of application 
  • Increased velocity of innovation & project release time
  • Extended help to the customer who wishes to own the product/application life cycle

Our Differentiators

Innominds has longstanding experience delivering application services, product development, migration and porting services using Microsoft technologies.

Innominds has extensive expertise and proven experience in:

  • Custom application development
  • Web technology solutions & SaaS enablement
  • Enterprise solutions integrating and interfacing .NET applications with enterprise systems like ERP, CRM, BPM and CMS
  • Enterprise application integration featuring complex business and system workflow using custom built workflow engines and third-party business process management and workflow solutions
  • Migration and integration solution paths on .NET technology
  • Porting .Net applications to .Net Core applications

Technology Expertise

  • Microsoft .NET Framework, .Net Core, C#, VB.Net, F#, LINQ, XAML 

  • Web Apps: ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET Web Pages, HTML5 and Silverlight
  • Desktop Apps: Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Forms
  • Frameworks: jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Bootstrap, Node.js, AngularJS
  • Cloud Apps: Windows Azure .NET SDK
  • Services: ASP.NET Web API, WCF, Service Bus for Windows Server/Windows Azure
  • Cross Platform Mobile Apps: Xamarin, Titanium Appcelerator
  • Infrastructure: Windows Server, Windows Azure
  • Database: SQL Server, SQL Azure

Innominds leverages its strong expertise in Java technologies and tools, at both Enterprise and Open Source level. APIs, components, and frameworks are used to develop various scalable and rich web-based enterprise, desktop and mobile-based apps. 

Some of the Java tools and technologies used by us are:

  • Java 8/J2EE
  • Spring Stack (Core, MVC, Batch, Spring Boot, REST and Cloud)
  • Struts, JSF, XSLT
  • SOA, Web services, Microservices with Netflix components
  • BPM tools like Camunda, JBPM and Alfresco
  • Messaging implementation like Rabbit MQ and Mosquito
  • CMS tools like Alfresco
  • SSO implementation using CA IDM, Siteminder, Keycloak and Okta
  • ORM tools like Hibernate
  • Scripting tools like Groovy
  • No SQL DB integration (Mongo, Casandra etc.)
  • Rule Engines like DRools
  • Caches like Redis and Hazel
  • Open Source Database like MySQL, PostgreSQL also commercial DBs
  • Build Tools like Maven and Gradle
  • Jenkins
  • Public clouds like AWS and Google Cloud

Some of the Java services and components that Innominds offers to its clients are as follows:

  • Cloud-agnostic accelerators to boost the development time
  • Cloud migration and cloud suitability assessment services
  • Containerization & Orchestration services
  • Reusable components like search, message broker abstraction, RBAC, CDC, etc.
  • Infrastructure services like authentication authorization, notification services, dashboard and monitoring

Innominds has the right expertise in various open source technologies. We use multitude of open source tools, which helps deliver quality solutions at a reduced cost for our customers.

Our Open Source Expertise


  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP)
  • MEAN (Mongo DB, Express, Angular, Node.js)
  • Web 2.0
  • Frameworks – Zend, Symfony, CakePHP, Django and Laravel
  • Database –MySQL, NoSQL, PostGreSQL, Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra, CouchDB, HBase and Solr


  • CRM
  • Education & E-Learning
  • Healthcare
  • Program Management System
  • Content Management System
  • Ecommerce
  • Social Media
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-Governance

Product Type

  • Enterprise Software - ERP, Supply Chain and CRM
  • Content Management/Portals
  • Consumer Software
  • Consumer Internet
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-Learning and E-Publishing

Product Stage

  • Inception Stage
  • Development Stage
  • Production Stage
  • Support Stage

Our OpenStack Offerings

We extend, customize, deploy and maintain functionality using OpenStack and it’s components.

We use OpenStack widely to create private and hybrid cloud platforms across our customer’s PaaS, and IaaS solutions. A variety of tools, components and APIs built using OpenStack are leveraged to achieve robust, scalable and open source-based cloud infrastructure.

We extend, customize, deploy and maintain functionality of the OpenStack components as mentioned below:

Operations Support Systems (OSS) Components

  • We build end-to-end private, public and hybrid clouds


  • Neutron/Nova-network to build networking components for network function visualization


  • Heat, Salt and Puppet for orchestration of virtual machines on OpenStack/AWS/RackSpace


  • Nova to manage KVM, VMWare, ESX/ESXi, Hyper-V, and XEN Hypervisors

Identity Management

  • ‘Keystone’ to manage user access, identity and authentication


  • ‘Cinder’ to extend and manage block storage

Image Repository

  • Glance to create and manage images – ISO/VMDK/OVF/QCOW2


  • ‘Horizon’ to extend dashboard functionality

Business Systems Support (BSS) Components

Resource Utilization Metrics (billing)

  • ‘Celiometer’ to generate usage metrics


Some Of Our Esteemed Clients