Optimize Your Business Solutions With Cloud Infrastructure

At Innominds, we help organizations harness the cost-effectiveness, elastic processing power and high flexibility of Cloud Engineering to help achieve their business goals. Cloud-based technologies are enabling businesses to gain real-time insights and provide personalized offerings by processing huge amount of data at a reduced cost. Our core strengths include -

  • Cloud Native/Cloud Agnostic Development Approaches
  • Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) – On-Premise/Hybrid Cloud/Public Cloud

Pain Points With On-premise

  1. Increased Cost
    • Ineffective utilization of infrastructure leading to increased cost
    • Existence of infrastructure that is not optimally utilized
    • Not possible to scale up/down on infrastructure needs if the business demands are fluctuating
    • Additional investment on Human Resource to monitor & maintain the infrastructure (their efforts & time could have been utilized effectively on much important tasks)
    • Dedicated resources are required to undertake hardware/software updates, fix issues with respect to infrastructure etc.
  2. Fault Resiliency
    • Requires additional infrastructure to keep the systems running in case of failures
  3. Disaster Recovery
    • There are no backup/recovery processes/systems in place 
    • There exists a backup/recovery system but it comes at an additional cost 

Innominds Cloud Services

Across industry verticals, cloud engineering is playing a very important role in enabling digital transformation for enterprises. From modernizing applications to scaling up enterprise systems, cloud engineering has started featuring in the scheme of things for an organization’s IT strategy.

Keeping in line with the strategy, Innominds’ cloud engineering services provides four critical components to an organization. And, they are as follows:


Identify the enterprise applications that can be moved to the cloud using various cloud assessment tools to assess performance and capabilities of the various cloud services, thus bringing efficiency & accelerating your cloud adoption journey.

Cloud-Architecture-and-DesignArchitecture & Design

Architecture blueprint and implementation roadmap for handling high volumes of data, multi-tenancy, and overall scalability.


Serverless Architecture for cost effective user-friendly and customizable application to determine optimized cloud migration strategy at scale.

Set-up CI/CD and automate application development and configuration management, infrastructure migration and consolidation.

Cloud-Operations Operations Management

Monitor on-premises IT environment and cloud infrastructure

Uniform dashboard and reporting

Monitor cloud services usage and performance

Monitor resource utilization and operational health  of services

Auto provisioning/deprovisioning of servers based on the need

Innominds Cloud Migration Approach

Our robust and flexible  Cloud Migration approach entails Apps, Analytics Assessment, Infrastructure Assessment and Cloud Testing, providing organizations the much required edge that secures, modernizes, automates and cuts cost. 

  • Application Migration Approach
  • Approach Validation & POC done
  • Migration Strategy (cloud agnostic)
  • Approach towards various aspects when deployed to cloud
  • Effort Estimates for Application Refactoring
  • DevOps activities & effort
  • Component Prioritization during Migration
  • Current IoT Infrastructure Analysis
  • IoT Cloud Migration Strategy
  • Leverage AWS IoT or Azure IoT
  • ETL and Data Orchestration
  • BI tools
  • Storage of Images/Video
  • Machine Learning/AI
  • ML Use cases
  • Cloud Testing Framework
  • Cloud Migration
  • Test Approach and Phases
  • Comparison with Tradition Testing
  • Challenges in Cloud Migration
  • Testing Approach, Methodologies & Reporting
  • Summary of Goals and Cost
  • Cloud Analysis
  • Current Infrastructure Analysis
  • Cloud Migration Strategy
  • PaaS Recommendations/Advisory
  • VM Recommendations
  • Current on-premise storage
  • Cloud Storage Recommendations
  • Network Summary
  • PaaS Workload Consolidation forCost Savings
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Benefits of Cloud Migration

  1. Enhance Computing Resource Scalability

    Cloud technologies enable enterprises to avail computing resources on demand without investing in specific hardware and software

  2. Improve Operational Efficiency

    Enterprises can seamlessly integrate cloud-based services with a variety of enterprise systems and solutions. Hence, it becomes easier for businesses to modernize and interconnect their existing applications and solutions

  3. Enhance Data Security

    Cloud computing helps businesses to enhance data accessibility and availability. At the same time, it keeps business data secured by handling security issues proactively and updating security mechanisms regularly

  4. Speed Up Application/Service Deployment

    Enterprises can develop and deploy the application/service by avoiding complex processes like purchasing the right servers, installing and updating operating systems, and setting up data centers

  5. Ensure Business Continuity

    The applications and data stored in the cloud makes it easier for enterprises to implement robust business continuity plan. They can further keep their applications functional and available by accessing disaster recovery or business continuity as a cloud-based service

  6. Reduce IT Infrastructure Complexity

    Cloud Migration help organizations to benefit in terms of cost, scalability, availability, accessibility, and security

  7. Capex to Opex

    Cloud Migration help organizations to reduce Capex as there is no initial cost

  • Scalable and cost-effective cloud solutions from an expert certified team
  • Right expertise and approach in assessment, planning, migration, validation, training and support
  • Hands on experience in serving Fortune 500 companies
  • Deployment of offshore and onshore resources – both, designated and dedicated
  • 24/7 continuous expert support and maintenance around the year
  • Better service up-time, ensuring quality and help meet your SLA compliances
  • Accelerated Product Innovation – Faster development and deployment
  • Agility in terms of infrastructure provisioning and leveraging managed services leading to a faster time-to-market
  • Cost Effective – Ability to control expenditure on infrastructure, services, etc
  • Scalability – Ability to scale as the business grows with minimal disruptions in the services provided to the users
  • Business Mobility


Our Cloud Competencies

We have the right technical expertise and team size on various cloud platforms that ensures for a constant development, delivery and support for all our cloud service offerings.

Private & Public Clouds
  • Open Stack
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud Platform
  • Backend as a Service Filebase
  • Storage Cloud Storage
  • Database Cloud SQL
  • Networking & Content Delivery VPC
  • Serverless Cloud Functions
  • Messaging Pub-Sub
  • Security, Identity & Compliance Cloud IAM
Amazon Web Services
  • Compute EC2, Beanstalk, Lambda, ECS
  • Storage S3, Glacier
  • Database RDS, Dynamo DB, Elasticache
  • Networking & Content Delivery VPC, CloudFront, API GATEWAY,Route 53
  • Developer Tools CodeStar, CodeCommit,CodeBuild, CodeDeploy,CodePipeline, Cloud9
  • Management Tools CloudWatch, CloudTrail,CloudFormation
  • Security, Identity & Compliance IAM, Cognito
Microsoft Azure
  • Storage Blob, Files
  • Database SQL Database, Document DB
  • Networking & Content Delivery VPC, API Gateway
  • Containers Docker
  • Microservices Framework Azure Service Fabric
  • Messaging Service Bus
  • Serverless Cloud Functions
  • Cache Azure Cache
  • Security, Identity & Compliance Azure AD, B2C


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