AI and ML solution to extract relevant data

Client success

Global Consulting Company Increases Tax Processing Efficiency; Reduces Manual Errors by 80%

Innominds’ solution based on Machine Learning helped the client build a scalable capacity to manage transactional data extraction and automated batch pulling of source documents from a variety of ERP systems.

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Data intelligence imperatives

  • Selecting the right models takes time
  • Data preparation can be lengthy
  • Lack of capabilities for leveraging AI and ML
  • Ensuring end-to-end use of ML and AI
  • Lack of governance and control
  • Need for autonomous BI
  • Create faster response to customer queries and issues

Respond with AI & BI capabilities

  • Use Auto AI solutions to get top-performing models in minutes
  • Get started with experimentation, evaluation and deployment
  • Leverage our AI lifecycle management expertise
  • Enforce consistency and repeatability of end-to-end ML and AI development
  • Use our conversational AI expertise to enhance customer experience

We Offer

Our solutions help you manage large volumes of repetitive transactions with automation and create superior customer service experience

Autonomous AI

Our autonomous AI solutions automate various time-consuming parts of AI/Machine Learning workflows and enable adoption of AI at the enterprise level with ease of set up.

Autonomous BI

We enable users to work at a higher level of abstraction, support ease of use by providing dynamic data discovery and intelligent data cataloguing. We have Natural Language Query and Natural Language Understanding expertise and offer ‘question & answer’, contextual, and cognitive bots and voice-based dashboards.

Rise to your data challenges with iFusionTM

Innominds’ iFusionTM Analytics solves the data challenges that hinder enterprises today. It very quickly simplifies what normally involves a month-long process, reducing it to just minutes!

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How AI Helps In Precision Agriculture, Connected Farm Experience and Better Crop Yield

Get an insight on how early adopters of AI and other emerging technologies are having a significant advantage in farming with an increased farm output, better wealth, and making Precision Agriculture and sustainable farming a reality benefitting  mankind.

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Advantages of AI in precision agriculture and farming


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