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Smart operations, rich experience, advanced mobility, and responsive care — one or more of these objectives are driving SoC providers, OEMs, device-enabled solutions providers and enterprises across industries to build innovative connected devices & solutions. While there are common aspects across connected devices, each industry segment has specific needs across a variety of parameters especially, when it comes to critical success factors such as security, reliability, richness, and connectivity & the constraints – form factors, ruggedness, and power optimization among others.

How to address industry specific needs leveraging connected devices technologies?

We bring together expertise across low, mid and premier tier chipsets, relevant partner ecosystem, industry-specific middleware platforms, optimization solutions and Innominds industry-centric building blocks to build best-fit solutions for specific device classes operating in an industry environment.



Building enterprise-grade devices & solutions that operate reliably across longer timespan in demanding environments while providing rich features of a consumer device and real-time intelligence is the critical need for industrial solutions providers.

Smart factory & buildings for real-time insights and increased efficiencies
Asset Tracking
Rugged Devices
Security & Surveillance
Digital Signage
Check-out Systems

Key Use Cases

Asset tracking
Monitoring and control
Manual process automation
Predictive maintenance
Safety & security
Energy efficiency management
Field force enablement
Operations personnel enablement

Solution Considerations

Multiple & ubiquitous connectivity methods, Power optimization, Edge computing & intelligence, Real-time anomaly detection & response, Longer end-of-life, Ruggedness, Geo regulations, Varied large/small form-factors, Cloud connectivity, Analytics, Deep learning/ML/AI, Security


Multiple connectivity technologies

Near-field, device-to-device and cellular communication for continuous tracking of asset location & condition in-premise, in-transit and outdoors

Power-optimized device functions

Hardware components function optimization, minimized & conditional processing for optimal consumption of battery power

Edge computing and intelligence

Embedded logic processing in off-line & networked mode and data protocol transformations for real-time intelligence and cloud interfacing

Small form-factor / rugged devices with longer EoL

Electronics and industrial design for target form-factors and chipset platforms for extended usage & support



As automobiles are turning into a form of consumer devices with interactions & intelligences never seen before, managing a number of parameters, H/w & S/w systems and algorithm integration & acceleration while ensuring compliance to auto standards becomes the critical need for automotive devices & solutions.

Key Use Cases

Patient monitoring
Eye movement tracking
Driver assist solutions
Simultaneous video recording
Pedestrian/lane-change/number-plate detection

Solution Considerations

Vehicle systems (CAN, OBDII) integration, Cloud systems integration, In-vehicle connectivity, Auto grade open source stack, Hypervisors, Car APIs, Codecs – pre/post processing, streaming, Full pipeline, Specialized algorithms, AI/ML based deep learning algorithms, Hardware acceleration

Connected fleet, diagnostics and enhanced driving Experience
Smart Assistants
Digital Cockpits
Instrument Clusters


Vehicle systems integration and connectivity

Integration of automobile CAN bus into telematic systems and cloud integration for capturing and communicating vehicle & driving parameters

Open software stack and virtualization

Auto-grade Linux, hardware accelerated BSP, Hypervisors and APIs for compliance to auto standards and accelerated development & integration

Video and image data optimization

Codecs pre and post processing, camera full pipeline management, streaming and algorithm-driven intelligence for enriched infotainment

Computer vision and artificial intelligence

Deep learning algorithms, parallel processing and h/w acceleration with DSP, GPU etc. for event detection and advanced driver assistance (ADAS)



Advances in semiconductor and wireless technologies are enabling medical devices commonly found in diagnostics / imaging centers to be operated from mobile / remote locations. Optimizing the device operational parameters while ensuring functionality, safety and reliability is critical to the success of these portable & connected devices and solutions.

Portable diagnostic devices and equipment tracking for improved care and efficiencies
Wireless Transmitters
Multi-channel ECG
Multi-Sensor Health Tracker
Ultrasound Scanners
Portable/Tactile Screening Devices
Medical Equipment & Asset Tracking

Key Use Cases

Portable diagnostics devices
Remote health tracking
Health tracking wearable devices
Medical equipment tracking
Equipment condition monitoring
Device and Health analytics

Solution Considerations

Small form-factor device design, HMI, Power optimization, Industry regulatory compliance, Hospital/Clinical applications integration, Image processing, Sensor integration, Cloud enablement, Hardware accelerated algorithm processing, Medical device specific BSPs and reference designs


Sensor integration and data acquisition & transmission

Data (e.g. electrical activity) acquisition, processing and transmission to companion apps over near-field connectivity and to the cloud with cellular

Real-time measurement and analysis

Porting bio-sensor hub algorithms to DSP to accelerate processing, and for accurate & real-time measurement, monitoring and analysis

Medical industry standard software

Integrating and customizing portable medical device based BSPs ensuring software traceability, quality management and regulatory requirements

HMI design and companion apps

Device interface design balancing function and ease of use and clinician / patient / administrator apps to manage end-to-end healthcare work flows



In a fast changing and dynamic consumer expectations of features, functionality and form-factors of devices and wearables, launching newer devices faster and adding new applications is critical for OEMs to retain/gain a competitive advantage. Besides, enabling newer conversational interfaces is fast becoming a norm.

Key Use Cases

Customer purposed office user devices
Health & lifestyle wearables
Mobile apps
Wearable companion apps
Smart home solutions
Home security solutions
Multi-media applications

Solution Considerations

Multiple & ubiquitous connectivity methods, Power optimization, Multi-media processing, Peripheral integration, Cloud connectivity, Deep learning/ML/AI, Security, HMI, App user interface …

New and rich experiences merging the physical and digital worlds
Custom Mobile Devices
Smart Home
Self-service Drones
Smart TVs
IP Cameras


Multi-modal connectivity for in-transit and in-premise

Wireless connectivity (BT, WiFi, NFC, 4G etc.) enablement for faster communicating a variety of information – data, video, voice, image etc.

Custom purposed device solutions

Integrating a variety of peripherals – newer displays, cameras, sensors etc. and optimizing power consumption for rich functionality and experience

Headless OS and small-form factor devices

Optimization on a wearable specific OS (Android Wear, RTOS etc.) and custom UI for ease of use and optimized power consumption

Edge computing & Artificial Intelligence

ML, NLP, multi-media and voice control for new and conversational interfaces with audio, video and gestures

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