Unlike in a large company, at Innominds you learn and grow at 3X speed

Take on your best challenge at one of the 50 best companies to work for

A Startup in disguise

Innominds seamlessly blends the work culture of a startup while retaining the stability and processes of a large company. We work in small teams with focus on each other’s skillsets and sharing of responsibilities. The leadership believes in empowering teams on taking decisions and planning execution rather than micromanaging teams. We believe that freedom amongst teams helps us achieve more together rather than striving for control.

Have an idea? Pitch In

One of the unique traits of Innominds is the lack of Hierarchy when it comes to communication with seniors and management team.
The leadership is known for being open to ideas and suggestions which are judged based on the merit of it rather than who says it.

You have a fantastic idea or solution for a complex problem? You can ahead and pitch in your ideas right up to our CEO and be rest assured it will be heard with utmost attention.

Grow Together

Like any progressive organization, Innominds focusses on team goals but with a focus on individual career growth. Your skillset is well understood by the team and projects are assigned based on your strengths and weaknesses. Your progress is constantly tracked and valid inputs are shared on a regular basis keeping you in sync.

You are in here for the Long Run

In today’s times of attrition and instability, Innominds has an enviable record of retaining employees not for years, but decades. A significant chunk of our employees have been with us for more than 5-10 years.
This is directly because of the work culture at Innominds where people
are hired in for the long run. We take great pains in finding the right candidate and back him/her to the hilt during the high and lows that any career goes through. A policy of grooming employees for the future helps us build long lasting relationship with our people.

Work with the best

You are as good as the company you keep. At Innominds we believe in excellence across the organization. We invest in accomplished personnel and focus on building diverse teams with a range of skilsets which enables our people to learn from each other. Our teams consist some of the best talent in their respective fields who have worked for some of leading organizations in the world.

We give you the best of tools to achieve the best results

In line with the futuristic vision of the leadership, Innominds provides the best of technology infrastructure to achieve world class solutions.
A Mac dominated work environment with an IT infrastructure teams always on the lookout for the best of software and licenses, Innominds provides the best of tools for our ever-growing talent.

Innominds is people-centric

It is not rocket science to know that Happy people make Happy companies. At Innominds, we believe people make organizations. Despite the innumerous expertise, vision and resources, it is people that make an organization succeed.

As a prospective employee, you can expect to learn and grow at 3x speeds at Innominds while being assured of the long-term vision and resources of a large organization.

This is possible because, over the years, we have constantly worked on removing the slack and complacency that creeps in as a company grows in size and stature. Since we have actively avoided hierarchical behavior, some of our youngest personnel are given an opportunity to learn and grow by interacting with some of the best technological leadership in the industry.

We have focused on building teams and relationships for life, teams that care about the clientele and each other. The objective has always been to grow in numbers while retaining the slick and effective work culture of a startup. This has enabled us scouting the best and eccentric talents who typically stay away from large organizations and building teams of diverse backgrounds.

All of this is possible because we consider Human resources management, a practice that demands the highest respect and attention and as one of the core pillars of the company. Not merely a support system in the periphery.

We are constantly on the lookout for exciting talent. If you think that you are one of those who would love to work in an organization where great ideas are accepted and mediocrity is shunned at any cost , do send in your CVs to hr@innominds.com.