Innominds offers an extensive list of enterprise security solutions, integrated and impervious in order to manage your business’ portfolio of devices, applications, and data in multi-channel access. Our competencies in engineering and implementation ensures that our solutions work well in cloud and virtualization environments. We also strive to be the long-term partner of industry leaders in security. This furthers our experience in helping companies stay competitive and flexible in an ever-connected world.

Further, Innominds strives to be long-term strategic partners with industry leaders in security. This continues to broaden our experience in helping companies remain competitive and agile in an ever-connected world.

Featured Solutions

1. Developed products and enhancements in the areas of IAM, MDM, and MAM.

2. Tested a web access management product’s security including product thread modeling; conducted SAST, DAST, and Hybrid analysis for the web and mobile applications using a leading application scanner.

3. Provided professional support for a leader in the security industry.

4. Implemented security solutions for Identity Intelligence and Access Management, Adaptive Authentication, and OpenAM Federated Access Management, among others for banks, retailers and healthcare organizations.