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Empowering Flawless Digital Experiences: Data Engineering & AI for Next-Gen Quality

At Innominds, we revolutionize quality engineering intelligently by harnessing the power of AI and a scriptless approach. By embracing GenAI and fostering a culture of human-AI collaboration, Innominds intelligently injects GenAI into various QE functions, leading to significant improvements.

We collaborate with leading tool vendors like
Tricentis, Katalon, AccelQ, Functionize, TESTIM, and Applitools to leverage the best technology available. Our AI-driven digital quality engineering approach empowers you to deliver flawless digital experiences that delight your users and drive business success.

Innominds' Promise: Enhanced Efficiency, Superior Quality with AI-Driven Testing

Accelerate Time to Market-02

Accelerate Time to Market

By using faster and more efficient testing cycles, we ensure your products reach the market sooner, are of high quality, and allow you to capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) -03

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

By implementing a multi-pronged approach and focusing on proactive measures to minimize defect seepage, Innominds helps you to significantly improve software quality, reduce overall quality engineering costs, and ultimately deliver a more reliable product to your customers.

Boost Test Script Authoring Productivity by Up to 80%-04

Boost Test Script Authoring Productivity by Up to 80%

By harnessing the power of AI automation, we significantly cut down on test script creation time. This frees up your team to focus on more strategic testing initiatives.

Enhance Test Script Maintenance Productivity by Up to 60%-14

Enhance Test Script Maintenance Productivity by Up to 60%

We embrace scriptless testing, minimizing the burden of script maintenance. This frees your team to focus on developing and implementing high-level testing strategies.

Our Offerings

AI-Driven Test Automation
AI-powered Quality Management: Maximizes test coverage, minimizes costs, and accelerates time-to-market. Integrates TDD/BDD for full-stack efficiency
AI-Driven Test Automation
CX Assurance
Are you giving the best experience to customers? Is the right quality product going to your customer? Testing omnichannel and customer journeys for seamless experiences
CX Assurance
Devices Testing
Leverage our virtual lab and a dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) for seamless functionality for your product across all devices
Devices Testing
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“We estimate that as much as 90 percent of the failures in ML development come not from developing poor models but from poor productization practices and the challenges of integrating the model with production data and business applications, which keep the model from scaling and performing as intended. Effective productization requires developing an integrated set of components to support the model (or, often, set of models) such as data assets, ML algorithms, software, and user interface.”


Success Stories

Transformed the QA Function, Increased Test Coverage by 90% and Cut Testing Costs by 27%

Innominds implemented an end-to-end QA transformation—setting up functional testing, performance testing, automation testing, upgradation and patch testing, mobile testing, performance testing, security testing, SIT, and UAT.

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End-to-End Quality Engineering Services for Retail MNC Help Save Up to 40% in Testing Costs

The client's customer satisfaction index increased with quick implementations and strong frameworks. The performance metrics and suggestions gave insights into the application's overall performance and usage statistics.

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Maximize Coverage, Minimize Maintenance

Unleash the power of automated testing with our comprehensive, open-source AI platform. Effortlessly create and execute tests across diverse platforms like web, mobile, APIs, desktops, and even mainframes. Our AI-powered approach simplifies test creation and ensures efficient execution with parallel processing. Experience faster development cycles, broader test coverage, and reduced costs with our innovative open-source platform.

Strategic Technology Partners

Get real benefits from the latest technologies customized for you through our network of technology partners.



Our AI-driven Digital Quality Engineering services create tangible outcomes for leading global enterprises.



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