Osprey Vision - A Predictive Visualization Platform for Oil & Gas Industry


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To prevent mishaps like machine failures and oil/gas leakages in oil and gas industry, a predictive analytics software is needed with human-augmented Machine Learning that can churn real-time data and predict possible failures.


Working with oil and gas industry was a new experience and it required research about the industry along with company and users. Reaching out to the end users on the field and understanding their mental model was one of the key challenges. Offering a universal solution that can scale across industries apart from designing the Big Data trends and interactive visualizations that could help analysts recognize the trend was also a major challenge.


By reaching out to SMEs on the field to understand their pain points with the compiled information, we identified all the possible scenarios, and depicted all the parameters that SMEs were interested in. We conceptualized and reached at the final solutions with multiple iterations.


SMEs were able to derive new models faster by reuse, with an interface that can be scaled across industries. Solved the challenges involved in Big Data and trends visualization. Designed interactive charts that helped SMEs to easily spot trends. Arrived at a design pattern to visualize cause-effect relationship between event and incident through state and workflow analysis of events.