NVISO - An AI and Deep Learning Software for Fraud Detection


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About The Project


NVISO is a leading provider of emotion recognition software that interprets human facial micro-expressions and eye movements. The software help banks to detect fraud by performing emotional analysis of a face to judge the authenticity of the information that is provided by the user. The system matches the information provided by the user against the reports generated through the facial recognition to detect frauds.


Understanding the functionality of the facial recognition technology, its limitations and users’ mental model (Perceptions & Expectations) on the technology was one of the main challenges. The UI elements had to be designed from scratch as there were no standard patterns available for the same.


Extensive research was done on the domain to understand the technology, and the requirements of the end users. The application was tested with the end user and the design was iterated to give best experience.


Banks were able to make their on-boarding efficient, as they achieved a 30% increase in fraud detection during the process.