Asset Tracking and Management for Construction Professionals


4 Members


6 Months



To create intuitive user experiences for asset management, considering various issues being faced by construction professionals, specifically to find and track assets at multiple locations and to manage inventory.


Many customers of the client - a large global construction company, manage their assets with rudimentary manual process. Assets are poorly utilized; unnecessary purchases made & inventory builds up. Time consuming process to trace assets and search for tools were also some of the problems faced by the client. Additionally, optimal maintenance of asset was not ensured apart from lack of understanding on fuel consumption and wear & tear.


Personas were created to understand user needs and identify right goals. All required features were captured as user stories. Task flows were created to understand user journey with less friction. Paper sketches were created to ideate design thinking, and brainstormed on the design direction. Detailed wireframes were designed as per agreed direction. Designed the product’s look and feel, applying customer defined branding visual elements.


Managed the assets through modern, feature-rich Digital Asset Tracking System. Created an analytics-driven dashboard view of assets to track and analyze them with various metrics like wear & tear, fuel consumption, battery condition and electrical systems. Staff efficiency and accountability were increased with minimal training.