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11 - 12 March | 10 AM – 2 PM BST | Virtual


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Autonomous Testing Assures Software Quality for the Modern Era

11 March | 10:05 AM – 10:35 AM BST | Virtual

Sai Chintala
President, Innominds
Sairam Vedam
CMO, Innominds

Autonomous Testing Assures Software Quality for the Modern Era

Why Autonomous Testing with Self-Healing and Self-Learning is the Future of Quality Engineering

 “By the end of 2025, 30% of organizations will have implemented an autonomous automation strategy and will outperform competitors in quality and customer experience satisfaction metrics.” -Gartner

In a highly competitive business, just having a continuous testing environment may not be adequate to deliver high quality applications at the market-dictated velocity. With advances in AI, ML, analytics and intelligent automation, testing organizations are abandoning scripted testing and adopting autonomous testing to enable quality across a continuous testing pipeline with zero human intervention. Autonomous testing can be deployed across SDLC, to exponentially accelerate time-to-market ensuring both Shift Left and Shift Right paradigm, resulting in improved allocation of testing resources and reduced costs.

Adding AI and ML components to testing make it possible to introduce ‘self-learning’, ‘self-adapting’, and ‘self-healing’ features which ensure that test scripts are automatically healed and executed without any failure, even when the UI of the application under test has changed. This automated self-healing of the test scripts enables truly touchless testing environment.

Adding a layer of analytics to AI enabled QE frameworks will allow enterprises to get critical insights from test data. Therefore, shifting to AI-driven autonomous frameworks will be the future of next-generation quality engineering.

Join the session by Sairam Vedam, CMO, Innominds and Sai Chintala, President, QE & DevOps, Innominds, for a deep dive into the world of AI-led autonomous testing and discover:

  • The importance of autonomous testing and how it ensures software quality
  • How and where to use autonomous testing to remove testing bottlenecks
  • How to build autonomous testing capabilities
  • The most trending testing tools and platforms including AI-driven iHarmonyTM that accelerate testing 100x faster


Sai Chintala
President, Quality Engineering and Devops - Innominds

Sai has a solid expertise in building global service delivery organizations, which are spread across diverse geographies, serving Fortune 500 Enterprises, ISVs, & Startups and Unicorns. From the ground-up, built Inside Sales Teams, Pre-Sales Teams, Global Delivery Teams, Diverse CoEs, Developed IP, built high Performing Teams. Part of AppLabs (now DXC) core-team and helped it grow to 2500, and sold to CSC for $180m just about in a decade. Part of Cigniti core-team and helped it rapidly grow to team of 2200 career testers, generating $100m in revenue, just about in 5 years. Authored white papers, hosted webinars, conducted workshops, delivered keynote speeches in testing conferences and forums across continents. Geared up to do it all over again at Innominds now in the role of President, Quality Engineering Practice.

Sairam Vedam
Chief Marketing Officer - Innominds

Sairam Vedam is the Chief Marketing Officer at Innominds, a full cycle platform-led AI-first specialist software product engineering services company that helps enterprises and ISVs unlock the power of digital, working to drive their Digital Next initiatives. Sairam brings 20+ years of overall industry experience with a deep understanding of technologies, solutions and IP-led software services offerings. He was recognised and awarded by BBC Knowledge Series, CMO Asia, World Marketing Congress and Enterprise IT, Paul Writer from 2014-19 for demonstrating impactful global marketing leadership consistently for the last 7 years and is an external advisor with Bain&Co one of the world’s leading consulting firms.

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