On-Demand Webinar

Innominds brings to you an Intelligent Manufacturing Roundtable with eminent industrial veterans to discuss burning issues, key benefits, applications, and use cases to make your product lines smart and agile.

Running production at peak efficiency is no doubt the holy grail for any manufacturing facility - what business doesn’t want to optimize their operations and reduce overheads without resulting in a loss of quality?

How are you planning to unleash the potential of smart manufacturing to convert your Business chain into Value Chain?

For instance, maintenance is also major endeavour for any factory, but imagine if this could all be automated - with predictive and responsive maintenance where routine checks are carried out, new parts are automatically ordered, alerts sent without any breakage.

If you are ambitious about future of Smart Factories which automizes internal processes, self-optimizes product lines, responds to external demands, and strives for optimum efficiency.

Key Take Aways

  • What is the key deal-breaking challenges of manufacturing today?
  • How the Disruptive Technologies are transforming manufacturing and the ways of incorporating them into daily operations
  • Practitioners’ perspective from Innominds’ experiences
  • How Innominds Platforms, Applications and Tools bring Real bottom line impact and provide a Recipe for long lasting success
  • Intelligent Manufacturing through a lens of use cases

Hence, given the scale and complexity of industrial operations, Innominds Intelligent Manufacturing solutions in this space are designed for digital world scenarios and built to support the industry with exceptional capabilities like real-time insights, AI/ML models, multi-layer security, customizable platforms, and more…



Ravi Kumar Meduri

Executive Vice President
Digital and IP Solutions at Innominds

Ravi Meduri is EVP at Innominds, with the global responsibility for the strategy and management of the company’s big data and analytics practice. As part of that, he provides enterprise solutions and product engineering services using open-source and proprietary tools to Innominds’ customers. Ravi is also a core contributor to the iFusionTM platform of Innominds which provides self-service analytics to enterprises and start-ups.

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Dinesh Lulla

Senior Director
Solutions and Sales Engineering at Innominds

Dinesh has extensive experience in the field of enterprise analytics, distributed ledger technology, and designing solutions for legacy modernization, digital transformation and process automation needs of the business. An alumnus of the Indian School of Business.

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