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Innocast Edition 5

Disruptive Low-Code Platform Solutions and How they Can Accelerate Digital Transformation

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In the fifth edition of the podcast series, listen to Martyn Mason, CEO, Growth Markets at Zudy and Sairamprabhu Vedam, CMO, Innominds, as they share their perspectives on the increasing usage of Low-Code/No-Code platform solutions and how these solutions have sparked the emergence of citizen developers outside of IT, thereby accelerating the digital transformation.

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Martyn Mason
CEO, Growth Markets
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Sairam Vedam

Building high-quality software for the modern era with Low-Code/No-Code platforms is a must for any AI-driven digital transformation organization. As partners, Zudy and Innominds are focused towards implementation of Low-Code/No-Code platforms in order to accelerate the pace of development of powerful applications for customers. For a rapid application development platform to sustain in the digital transformation era, scalability and flexibility are key components so as to cater to all types of developer personas across different business verticals.

Zudy’s VinylTM platform works with all the major enterprise systems and can meet the most stringent regulatory requirements. Its data-first architecture provides easier integration with all the major enterprise systems including, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, NetSuite, Peoplesoft, Workday making it powerful than the traditional platforms.

Along with providing speed, connectivity, and security which are essential components for any rapid application development platform, VinylTM is distinct with its additional focus on infrastructure, monitoring, and performance. This helps in simplifying processes and enables deployment of apps within weeks.

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Key takeaways from the podcast:

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    Discover how Low-Code/No-Code platforms can help gain competitive advantage and create Enterprise-Grade secure applications faster.
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    Listen how VinylTM platform is playing a major role by solving critical challenges of the digital transformation era by automating business processes, integrating data sources, and tailoring functionalities for all the stakeholders.
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    Learn how to tackle the challenges regarding the learning curve of proprietary Low-Code tools and the concerns regarding vendor lock-in which is a major apprehension for customers looking forward to creating web applications and mobile apps using Low-Code/No-Code.
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    Gain insights into how Low-Code/No-Code platforms enable more control, have fewer constraints, and offer flexibility throughout the software development lifecycle.

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