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Automated Software Testing Reimagined - Part I

How to Achieve 10x Test Automation and Enterprise Software Quality with an AI-Powered, Full-Stack Testing Platform

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Join us for an insightful Fireside Chat series where ACCELQ and Innominds’ thought leaders give you an in-depth look at test automation. In this two-part series, you will experience how ACCELQ’s cognitive core engine combines with Innominds’ AI-driven quality engineering services to significantly accelerate the software readiness and quality of enterprises and software product companies.

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Shriram Krishnan
VP – Customer Success
Sai Chintala
Sairam Vedam

With enterprises increasingly building Cloud-native applications, driving business processes with AI, and adopting mobility and a ‘Remote First’ approach to work, customer experience is bound to change radically. At the same time, as enterprises and software product companies race to achieve digital transformation with AI-infused applications and complex software products, maintaining top-notch application quality becomes the cornerstone of competitive success.

In this context, continuous testing and full-stack automation are necessary to ensure the faster release of cutting-edge software.

Key takeaways from the Fireside chat:

  • How ACCELQ’s AI-based test automation platform powered by no-code automation with self-healing capabilities, and built-in test management and CI tools integration is helping accelerate the quality and test automation of diverse application stacks.
  • How Innominds’ AI-driven quality engineering services, its relentless focus on offering full-stack automation and DevTestOps is bolstered by the strategic partnership with ACCELQ.
  • How Innominds’ enterprise quality engineering services and its partnership with ACCELQ is tailored to power test automation and accelerate the market readiness of global enterprise applications involving and MS Dynamics applications.

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Shriram Krishnan
VP – Customer Success | ACCELQ

Shriram Krishnan is a change and transformation agent who has performed many roles across software development, testing, people leadership, architecture, and management functions. He has spent the last decade driving digital transformation through Agile, DevOps, and Automation in organizations such as Commonwealth Bank, experiences that have reinforced his belief in the power and inevitability of a Codeless future.

Sai Chintala
President | Innominds

Sai Chintala is the President, Quality Engineering and Innovation at Innominds. In this role, Sai is responsible for building global testing businesses for Innominds, covering cross functions, strategy, planning, competency, sales, and delivery.

Sairam Vedam
CMO | Innominds | Moderator

Sairam Vedam is the Chief Marketing Officer at Innominds, a full cycle platform-led AI-first specialist software product engineering services company that helps enterprises and ISVs unlock the power of digital, working to drive their Digital Next initiatives. Sairam brings 20+ years of overall industry experience with a deep understanding of technologies, solutions and IP-led software services offerings. He was recognised and awarded by BBC Knowledge Series, CMO Asia, World Marketing Congress and Enterprise IT, Paul Writer from 2014-19 for demonstrating impactful global marketing leadership consistently for the last 7 years and is an external advisor with Bain&Co one of the world's leading consulting firms.