Raleigh, NC
and San Jose, CA -
August 10, 2022

Silver Tree Consulting & Services today announced a partnership with Innominds to bring innovation to IT operations transformation for small and medium sized organizations. Silver Tree’s leading Service Integration and Management platform and ITSM experience will combine with Innominds’ innovative software and product engineering expertise to deliver transformative ITSM solutions.

Underpinned by Silver Tree’s proprietary Service Integration and Management platform, this new partnership will further enable Silver Tree’s leading-edge IT operations transformation capabilities. As a leader in the use of AI, and data analytics to facilitate digital transformation, Silver Tree helps clients rapidly convert IT resources from a “manage and maintain” function to a growth enabler, turning IT departments into proactive digital transformers. Innominds brings ITSM and MSP processes, tools and technology, and industry leading frameworks to onboard SMBs with on-premise, hybrid, private and public cloud infrastructure management needs. The company’s experience with SIEM, IAM, visualization and observability tools, allows for a holistic approach to ITSM needs by SMBs. The joint set of offerings are unique and will bring value to the Innominds and Silver Tree customers.

Divakar Tantravahi
Chairman and CEO,

As ITSM has evolved from the way technology is managed to how valuable services are delivered, the blend of technology and business expertise is more important than ever. Silver Tree has been an innovator in this space and partnering with Innominds will enable both companies to stay ahead in a highly competitive landscape.

Richard C. Ricks
Founder and CEO,
Silver Tree Consulting and Services

More than two-thirds of digital transformations fail. The most overlooked reason why - is a failure to transform IT operations in tandem. Failure to transform this critical function means your IT team is left unable to support, maintain, and improve upon every other digital initiative. They will be forced to continue to react instead of taking the lead and being proactive. Without transforming your IT capability, the transformation will fail – no way around it.

Silver Tree and Innominds are coming together to take IT operations transformation to an even better place. Powered by the combined experience and expertise of the two companies, Silver Tree’s capabilities continue to grow, enabling our clients to further benefit from - the dynamic nature of digital transformation.

Innominds is an AI-first, platform-led digital transformation and full-cycle product engineering services company headquartered in San Jose, CA. Innominds powers the Digital Next initiatives of global enterprises, software product companies, OEMs, and ODMs with integrated expertise in devices and embedded engineering, software apps and product engineering, analytics and data engineering, quality engineering, cloud and DevOps, and security. It works with ISVs to build next-generation products, SaaSify, transform total experience, and add cognitive analytics to applications. Visit: www.innominds.com


Ken Montgomery

Global Head - Communications, Engagement and Brand

Silver Tree Consulting & Services provides IT operations and digital transformation services to clients in the mid-market. With a focus on not-for-profit, insurance, and manufacturing organizations, Silver Tree’s unique operating model marries class-leading experience and expertise with a global partner ecosystem to deliver enterprise-grade transformation services to mid-market organizations. Visit www.silvertreeservices.com.