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What is Innominds' Scalable Log Server (SLS) Data ExtTool?

Sensage systems store huge amount of data that could be either on disk or Centera. The ATQUERY, which comes along with Sensage and can be used to extract CSV files from Sensage, is extremely slow.

Innominds has developed a tool called ExtTool that is used to extract data from Sensage Systems and it has been developed using our rich expertise in the field of Sensage Database Internals. Innominds has conducted internal and external experiments and has designed best possible way to extract Sensage data stored in disks or Centera.


Who Is It For?who-is-for-images

Any Sensage customer who wants to migrate to any other system or extract data existing in Sensage systems will benefit using ExtTool.

Innominds’ ExtTool extracts data stored on Sensage SLS Servers – like CDR logs, Windows Logs, Firewall Data, etc.


Innominds’ ExtTool helps extract data from SenSage Systems efficiently. ExtTool uses SLS Java APIs and can extract data into a format, which can be loaded to any third party system.

Innominds ExtTool gives performance advantage that is 20 times compared to ATQUERY in a 5 node server. With more nodes and CPU, the performance gain is even higher and scales linearly. It can be customised to give output in a desired format and be extended to load data into new customer systems irrespective of whether they are traditional systems or new Open Source Systems.



Our Work

We developed a customised ExtTool for a leading telecommunications company to extract years of data, which is saved on Centera servers. It used to take more than a day to extract one day of data using ATQUERY. Now, after implementation of Innominds’ Ext Tool, there has been huge performance gains to the tune of 16 to 20 times.

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