Innominds mentioned in Omdia’s latest IoT Consultancy – 2021 Analysis Report 

The report written by Sam Lucero of Omdia mentions Innominds as one of the ‘Key Market Player’ in the IoT solutions and services market.

Key points as mentioned by Omdia in the report are as follows: 

  • Innominds focuses on complex solution development at the intersection of embedded hardware design, application logic development, and big data analytics.
  • IoT is one of three core practice areas for the company; within IoT, Innominds focuses on industrial, automotive, medical, and consumer applications.
  • Innominds works with all three types of customers—ISVs, early-stage software providers, and ODMs/OEMs, as well as enterprise adopters.
  • Innominds has a portfolio of platforms and accelerators that productize the company’s IP speed development of individual engagements. These include iFusionTM(data, AI, and analytics engineering); iSymphonyTM (product engineering); iHarmonyTM (quality engineering); and iTrillTM (hardware engineering).

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