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Improved test coverage by 80%, reduced QA cycle estimates by 50% with test automation framework using Python, Selenium, Pytest and Allure Framework 

The client is a company that offers security posture assurance for hybrid cloud and automates all aspects of risk, cyber security and compliance assurance. They wanted to address challenges in their test automation suite that arose from changes in product functionalities in every release. Innominds developed and implemented a test automation framework using Python, Selenium, Pytest and configured Allure Framework to automate the application, service and database layers of the client’s products. 

Download this case study to know how Innominds: 

  • Carried out generic Sync wrapper methods to validate and handle the application latency problem
  • Reduced the overall script execution time by putting into action a parallel execution support at framework level for multiple devices and browsers 
  • Integrated the Test Automation suite with CI/CD for running on each build delivered to QA
  • Achieved 80% increase in test coverage across application, API and database layers
  • Reduced QA Cycle estimates by 50% 
  • Ensured that there are no P1 and P2 defects in the production environment