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End to End Test Automation with 80% Test Coverage for Hardware Sensors, Connected Devices and Application Software for an Asset Tracking Solution Provider

The client wanted to ensure that their Supply Chain Digital Visibility Platform offered location services at all times, even in remote locations; and also provide real time telemetric information through the IoT devices and sensors that were attached to them. Innominds performed functional, regression and performance tests on the hardware sensors, connected devices and the application software, and automated these tests which resulted in increased test coverage and cost savings for the client.

Download this case study to know how Innominds:

  • Established an automation test lab that executed test cycles 24x7
  • Automated the critical use cases
  • Increased the test automation coverage by 82%
  • Reduced the manual testing efforts by 80% for each software and hardware release
  • Ensured that there were no glitches or critical errors in the product delivery