We accelerate digital transformation

Our Digital Products & Applications Services

Digital product development: Craft scalable and responsive digital solutions by applying robust architectures and frameworks

Product conception & management: Transforming a concept to an envisionable goal with product specification and architecture definition

Digital platform integration: Develop enterprise solutions integrating digital platforms – APIs, HR, Collaboration, Sales & Marketing

Application development & maintenance: Develop or modernize custom applications managing activities from definition, rollout to enhancement


At Innominds, we help companies accelerate digital transformation. Our services allow decision-makers to understand how execution of technology helps human-centered transformation in the enterprise to create more adaptive models, processes and systems to evolve.

We build multi-faceted application platforms that serves multiple user groups and connects many systems while remaining flexible for building apps on top of the platform. We have built platforms the way product companies build it, but within the enterprise environment.

Our services for Digital products and applications

Digital product development

  • Our digital product development includes services for UI integration, application, database and cloud systems
  • Microservices based architectures, Cloud native applications, 12factor considerations, SaaS enablement, Big Data databases

Product conception & management

  • Feature Identification and Prioritization workshops, Roadmap
  • Technology mapping, Architecture definition and Process setup

Digital platform integration

  • API Management - Axway, CA Layer 7, Apigee, Mulesoft, WSO2
  • Salesforce, ServiceNow, Digital commerce, Opensource CMS

 Application development & maintenance

  • New development, Re-engineering, UI modernization, Services integration, Cloud enablement
  • Agile, DevOps, CI / CD, Maintenance, Production support

Some of our leading Edge architectural solutions

Asset tracking for construction

End-to-end Architecture, UX Design, UI Engineering and Support
A Cloud based application which helps construction professionals to easily track and find assets.

Digital marketing solution

Digital marketing with personalized content and insights from analyzing campaign results & metrics
Legacy transformation of an Email and Campaign management product

Hospital management solution

Design, Development and Integration of various work flows of different units in a hospital
Transforming clinical information is capture and quality of patient care, safety and service delivery 

A few of our
Case Studies

Retail Live Connect


This solution provides a real-time processing and analytics capability in order to sense, analyze and connect with browsing shoppers and offering them contextually relevant shopping experiences.

Reverse Auction for e-Commerce Portal

Customer & Background

Our customer is a leading consulting services provider who was looking for a product engineering and solutions partner who could facilitate building analytics solutions in the areas of consumer and retail industries. One such customer scenario...


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