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Delivering Solutions for Structured and Unstructured Invoice Data Processing With AI-Led RPA Integration 

The client was facing challenges in processing invoices from non-digitized and assorted sources. Image-based PDFs, documents, and email messages poured into business every day with various invoice data, and it was a tedious and time-consuming task to process the invoices from the various sources. OCR was imperfect and it was too expensive and time consuming to configure rules and write scripts to automate the extraction of each invoice format.  

Download this case study to know how Innominds: 

  • Removed human intervention and errors up to 90% 
  • Made the invoice processing more effective and accurate using our RPA automation tool 
  • Captured the invoice details for even non-digitized, handwritten data 
  • Improved accuracy up to 90% 
  • Cut down the time taken by process to 3 minutes to fill the application, saving 3 FTE’s, where usually a process takes around an hour