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Conducted ETL testing for global tax consultancy and delivered high quality data testing 

The client, an industry leading auditing, tax and consulting firm with operations all over the world, needed to collect data from disparate sources and in varying formats for a platform they were building.  The particular use case was with pharmaceutical data, doctor’s records, patient and web portals that were stored in Notepad, Excel, plain text, and SQL. 

Download this case study to know how Innominds: 

  • Implemented the ETL tests for the platform to ensure that the data collected was producing appropriate results during analysis 
  • Helped the organization’s testing requirements through the creation of artificial data for test scenarios without real data by replicating a massive test data source of 20,000 to 30,000 records to match the real-time data volume 
  • Eliminated the need for manual verification with an automated Test Engine that tests the DB for different time frames 
  • Implemented QA best practices and process frameworks for improved visibility into the quality of the resulting application analysis for concrete decision-making 
  • Enabled the early detection of errors and defects with high quality testing