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Our Cloud & DevOps Services

Cloud architecture and design: Architecting for carrier grade reliability and planet scale design

DevOps engineering and automation: Set-up CI/CD and automate configuration management

Cloud migration:                           Migrate on-premise systems to cloud and across cloud platforms

Cloud operations management: Manage cloud operations 24x7x365 with guaranteed SLAs and optimized resource costs


Digital solutions today are engineered with many systems coming together and are expected to serve a large number of users accessing the solution over a variety of devices. The solution can not be delivered to the users without architecting and managing the systems behind the solution.

In addition, users expect a constant delivery of new features and functionality which requires a design methodology and automation to take the code from the hands of a developer to a solution in the hands of a user.

Keeping this in mind, Innominds brings together its expertise in two critical elements - architecting and managing cloud operations, and engineering and automating DevOps processes. We help companies to deliver their solutions to the end users / customers with guaranteed SLAs and help architect and manage systems for increased application velocity.

Apply our strengths for your success

Products, custom applications and platforms comprise of many systems operating across 1000s of nodes, millions of users and 100s of servers. Our expertise across areas like Cloud, OS, database, web servers, network, security, file servers etc and a continuous endeavor for upgrade of skills in emerging technologies help us apply our strengths for your success.

A diverse skillset to achieve product and customer success

  • Experience: Years of experience implementing bleeding edge technology solutions for large enterprises to startups
    1. Micro services, orchestration (strategy, execution and migration)
    2. Continuous Integration & Delivery (CI / CD Pipeline, Automation)
    3. Disruptive technologies (Dockerization, Open-source etc)
    4. Guaranteed SLAs (uptime, monitoring, architecture)
    5. Compliance, Security (HIPAA, PCI, SOC2, Scanning) etc.
  • Reference Architectures: Solutions and processes tailored to your context and enhanced with industry best practices
  • Eased Engagement: Eased engagement burden with hands-on professionals at your site with dual-shore services
  • Complete Innominds services: Bring in expertise across software, devices and analytics to complement our Cloud & DevOps services

Solutions across platforms

    • Customer Platform: Networked Visualization Products
      Architecting carrier grade system using open-source tool chain (Scalability, Low-latency, HA, Redundancy, Manageability).
    • Customer Platform: Health and Wellness Platform
      Exclusive managed services provider for the platform, security and IT (HIPAA, HA, Clustering, 24x7x365, Dual-shore, CI, CD)
    • Asset Tracking for Construction
      Extended team supporting development, testing and production (DevOps, Cloud Operations, CI, CD)
A few of our
Case Studies

Retail Live Connect


This solution provides a real-time processing and analytics capability in order to sense, analyze and connect with browsing shoppers and offering them contextually relevant shopping experiences.

Reverse Auction for e-Commerce Portal

Customer & Background

Our customer is a leading consulting services provider who was looking for a product engineering and solutions partner who could facilitate building analytics solutions in the areas of consumer and retail industries. One such customer scenario...


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